Experiencing the Harn Art gallery By Kyle Osfield

This piece of art is a crushed aluminum ball that has been molded and shaped and then painted with colored auto lacquer. This piece was created from old, crushed cars and then shaped and molded to create this exceptional piece, which was formed by John Chamberlain. Chamberlain was always intrigued by new and fun mediums that were out of the norm and also tied in other loves and reuse to his art as well. Taking something that is deemed useless and junk in one context and re-purposing it into a work of art that shows that we can still use the junk to create new and wonderful pieces of art is amazing to me.
This piece called New England Farm by Margeurite Zorach is one of my favorite from the gallery that I viewed. My home away from home is new england and this painting just speaks to me. She has done a good visual representation of what her good life would look like during the summer when she would stay with her husband in their summer home in New England. She later did this piece to commemorate the memories of staying on the farm in the summers of New England, enjoying life and relaxation. This piece was done in oil on canvas (one of my favorite mediums for pieces of composition rather than sculpture).
This piece Con Todo Respecto (With All Respect) by Nahum Zenil really spoke to my core value of acceptance of others and promotion that all people are equal no matter what their orientation or values are. Zenil was very expressive in his support for equal treatment and acceptance of all despite their orientation or sexuality (since he was homosexual and see his lover sat with Frida Kahlo in between them). Frida was a large inspiration to him and drew on a lot of her work for inspiration in his own. Zenil had a strong conviction of his own, similar to Frida, and drew upon that to create works of art that are powerful and send a message and continue to hold their own and send powerful messages to this day.
I absolutely adored the Asian Art Wing at the Harn gallery. I have always enjoyed ceramic work and creating my own ceramics and I am also a connoisseur of glass work and ceramic dishes as well as incense boxes and containers (they have a large collection that was donated to them by the previous owner (I believe there are over 60 pieces in the collection possibly close to 90). Right before you enter the main room where they have a gorgeous collection of ceramics from all over Asia, there is this wonderful display cabinet all along the middle wall where they keep a display of the vases and ceramics through the dynasties from left to right. This was one of the coolest and most interesting things I have seen as there are so many years of history sitting right in front of you (things that are hundreds of times older than I in some cases, and I am lucky enough to get to see them and appreciate them) that has been preserved and saved over hundreds (maybe even thousands) of years. I am wholly fascinated by ceramic work, vase creation and anything with form as well as function and a grand color scheme.

All photos taken by Kyle Osfield and the Harn Gallery. 2017.

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FPNGamingHQ .Kyle Osfield


Kyle Osfield 2017

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