Exploration 1 Jane Voss

Inequality and discrimination has always been a big topic in the world and many movies portray these issues. For an example the move "A League of Their Own", establishes that women can do anything men can do and should be treated equal.

Advertising is key to getting your product noticed and when a movie advertises a product there is a better chance of that product getting noticed and bought. The movie ET advertised Reece's Pieces and after the movie was released, Reece's Pieces sales tripled. All the Transformers movies also advertised many different types of cars which helped get those brands noticed.

Movies either do well or they do bad. Having popular actors and actress will definitely help get your movie more viewed and great reviews. Like Titanic and Dirty Dancing, having Leonardo DiCaprio and Patrick Swayze made both of those movies a big hit and if they had different actors would both movies have been a big success?


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