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one of the most popular landmarks in France. the Eiffel Tower is important to France because it was a centerpiece at the 1889 world's fair. France is located in Europe. the Catacombs of Paris is is another landmark.
the french language comes from Gaul because where France is now used to be the city of Gaul.
the main religion in France is the Roman Catholic. a lot of people consider themselves part of the Roman Catholic religion.
the main food source in France is bread,cheese,and wine. one of their interesting foods is callisson. wich is a famous french candy.
horse racing is one of the most popular sport played in France. they are really good at playing football. they have a few championships.
traditional french music is a big part of France. if you go to Paris, France, you might get the chance to hear some traditional french music. sometimes it can be heard in the streets or in a streetside cafe
one of the traditional dances of France is the waltz
the beret is one of the hats commonly seen in france
the head of government is Francois Holland
Roman emperor Julius Caesar conquered Gaul, which is now France. Hector Berlioz was a composer who went into music instead of medicine.


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