Arch Of Constantine Presentation by Dr. Carbone and Mr. Scheetz

The purpose of the Arch of Constantine, was to commemorate the Roman Emporer Constantine's victory of the Roman tyrant Maxentius. It was built july 25th, 315 CE
The arch, built by the senate, is 21 Meters high and around 26 meters wide. It is made out of a rectangular block of white proconnesian marble and consists of three separate arches.
Several scenes inscribed in the arch depict a lion hunt, boar hunt, bear hunt, and sacrificial ceremonies in honor of herculies, apollo, and silvanus. There is also an inscription, written in gilded bronze, on either side of the arch, celebrating the victory of constantine.
15th century CE. In c. 1597 CE Pope Clement VIII removed one of the yellow marble columns to use in a doorway of the St John Lateran church, replacing it with a purple one. However, extensive cleaning in the early 21st century CE has restored the monument to some of its former glory
The monument suffered in later times, becoming a part of a fortress under the Frangipane in the Middle Ages
Active Sentence: In Caelis, constentine avem videt, Passive sentence: In Caelis, avem videt a constentine.

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