Brazil Sergio Astorga

Arts and Entertainment- In Brazil, Soccer is a way of life for them. Brazil is known for its talent for soccer. Their national team having won five world cups, more than any other nation. Volleyball is also known for being popular in brazil with their mens national team having won 3 world cups and 2 gold metals in the olympics. Most people in brazil like to race and that makes motor racing very famous in brazil withe their nation having won 5 indy500's.

Economics-Brazil's currency is the real, 1 US dollar is 3.20 Brazilian reais. Brazil's economic and social progress between 2001 and 2014 lifted 29 million people out of poverty and inequality dropped significantly. In 2015 the average monthly income dropped to from 2100 Brazilian reais to 2030BRL.

POLITICS- Brazil has a Democratic Government like the United States. They have a Executive branch, Judicial branch, and Legislative branch. President serves 4 terms and is voted by the people of Brazil.

Social structure- The people of Brazil has the same social structure as the U.S where the more money you have the higher in class you are. The classes are classified A-E and is all debated on there monthly income. A-B are usually studying a higher education, they also have the occupation in being Investors, Business owners, and politicians, judges and ext,...In class C most have finished high school and a significant amount of people have completed a higher education and are those with the occupation of teachers, managers, electricians and etc. . Class D is the people who have not finished high school, these usually swork as small store sellers, low paid drivers, and bartenders, while in class E people have not finished elementary school and are illiterate and usually work as cleaners, street sweepers, and unemployed people.

Industry - The biggest money making industry in brazil is the Automobile industry that is rapidly expanding with many sources of foreign investments. Brazils major exports are soybeans, coffee, tobacco, cocoa, beef and etc. The top 3 best paying jobs in Brazil are Mechanical engineering manager, Physician of Ophthalmology, and the Chief financial officer. All paying over 37,000 BRL monthly.

Religion -Christianity and Roman Catholicism are the dominant religion in Brazil. These religions and cultures came with the Portuguese back when it was being colonized.

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