The idea

My name is Milen and i am from Bulgaria. I love to dance and I wish the dancers to be more open and to share and exchange! To meet new people, to learn and teach every day, to enjoy and do the things that makes them happy.

So, I decided to make a short movie with dancers, giving them the opportunity to introduce themselves and to tell something about dance.

The dancers

More than 60 dancers sent me their videos from Australia, Japan, Belgium, Spain, Vietnam, Poland, Kuwait, Finland, USA, Netherland, Algeria, Hong Kong, Germany, South Africa, Bulgaria, Thailand, India, Slovakia, China, Uganda, Czech Republic, South Korea, Philippines.

And all of them tells me something about dance.

" I feel in peace every time when i dance. "


" Just keep dancing. "


" Dance should be for people like one language and one Love. Never gave up and enjoy dance. "

Princess Tchozn, POLAND

" Keep doing what you love and don't forget - It's always dance. "


" DancIng is my partner of my life and i like when people ARE honest to the music. "

Panda Waack, HONG KONG

" For the youngsters - keep on dancing, because you are the future. "

Claerence Person, NETHERLAND

" Keep more and more dancing, stay positive, keep going and stay buck! "

Girl Zonta, POLAND

" I hope everybody get funky! "

Doss Al-Eidani, KUWAIT

" Keep dancing, be grateful for what God gives you, stay positive and be a better man. "


You can join too

Become a part of #SharingTheSameLove community!

Jordan Likiyo, BELGIUM




" Keep goin, keep dancing, love dancing, more hard practice. "


Jose De La Cruz, USA

The Movie

The final result is "Saring The Same Love" - a short movie with dancers and artists from all around the world. I hope all of you to be inspired by these people from different countries sharing the same love for dancing.

How it's made

I use iMovie for the trailer and the movie
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Made With Love


Dance Size Selected hand picked mixtapes available for free download with tracks for Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, House, Krump and Waacking dance lovers.

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Final thoughts

Don't be shy or scared to show your passion or dreams. You will be surprised that when you share with other dancers your dream, there will be people that will say

Ooo, i love that too, lets do it together.

It doesn't matter if you are dancing different styles or live in different countries. It's not about your age or your skills, it's about that you all love to dance. You will feel that you are part of one big family.

Thank you for your support and love, I love you too. All of you! Keep enjoy dance with your hearT!

Created By
Milen Donev


All dancers and artists, supporting #SharingTheSameLove movie project (in order of appearance): Hiroyuki Suzuki, Pele Gae, Nao Kawamura, Jeremy Tang, Claerence Person, Ngọc Dương, Princess Tchozn, Ringo Winbee, SinTung Irene, Ques Zaalman, Masaki Ichi Ichinose, Doss Al-Eidani, Nikolay Graveheart Ivanov, Magdalena Majchrowicz, Tau Tau, Kenny Clutch, Kazane Kasai, Julia Stawska (Girl Zonta), Ssemaganda Jay Jeff Kennet, Shota Sho-ta Hashimot, Kiril Aleksiev (K-Irie), Ho Tung, Marin Teodor, Ayane Nakarai, Shane Smiless Chance, Miyu Ito, Ugur Uzaroglu, Blu G, Dimitar Zhelev (DzH), Santa Uno, Chaitali Vyas, Dee Mo, DOUBLE+LUCK, StudioD+, Lussy Lo, Eun G, Rumyana Shyne Mihova, Avinash Krumper, Non-Poppin Jid, Jandro Adaid Rodríguez, Popping Lok, Titam Truong, Milja Päivärinta, Panda Waack, Yoshimi Kubo, B boy jini, Jean Thierry d'Almeida, Michaela Nováková, Klára Marinovová, Andy Vojtková, Gabriela Novotná, Denisa Zichová, Naďa Družinina, Vivian Lee, Mateusz EM, Masahiro Nagano, เศรษฐกร ปาณสารกิจกุล ก.ศ.ศ, Julapan Dokyam, Jester Padios, Popper Sun, Jordan Likiyo, Jose De La Cruz, Jaja Vankova. THANK YOU!!!

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