Kite Runner Essay Damien Aguillard 6th

All relationships develop , maybe slowly but surely and it could turn into either a good or bad thing, just depends on what you make of it.In the Kite Runner the author Khaled Hosseini creates and grows this relationship between father and son, where he gradually gives it more understanding for why the two need each other.the love between a father and a son is forever lasting even if it seems to not be there , and that lets both sides learn better of what each is going through. Which is seen through when Amir feels an absence of Baba, when Amir feals Baba's love for the first time, and when they move to america where full realization is found in Amir.

the love between a father and son in in a way unconditional even though it's hard to see sometimes. Baba did say he couldn't believe that Amir was his son, but he still took care of him.""If i hadn't seen the doctor pull him out of my wife with my own eyes, id never believe he's my son."" what Baba had said was very uncalled for yet it wasn't fully meant because in the end they will always be family. Alot of parents have a time of regret most not too severe, but this for Baba was fully realized by Amir. "" There is something missing in that boy."" Amir accidentally learned of this information and it only shifted his thoughts directly on the wrong path. Even though Amir had lost hope that support from Baba was still there.

Hosseini shows that love will always be present but it is only obvious when a reason to be recognized is present. Ami and Hassan had won the kite fight and the instant they had taken down that kite Baba was aware and proud. " Then I saw Baba on our roof. He was standing on the edge, pumping both of his fists." Baba's love before this moment is so secluded that it almost seems that it doesn't exist, now that he has a reason he shows it greatly. Not all of what needs to be shown comes out, Baba tends to hide his passion for Amir even though it's definitely there. "" why not!" He said. Lately Baba agreed to everything I asked" Baba started to show more affection as Amir started to achieve more and had accomplished more. A fathers love becomes more obvious whenever there is reason to show.

A son can and most likely will neglect the love from a father. Amir had neglected to see any love from his father while it was always there. "For lBaba, a place to mourn his." The past was just fine for Baba and he sacrificed his perfect life for his son. Baba had given money even when he doesn't have any to make Amir happy. "He reached in his pocket and handed him a set of keys." The truck was given to Amir which made him realize all that Baba had given up. Baba would have given up anything for Amir.

A father would give up anything in order to make their son happy. Hosseini presented this discretely , but slowly made it more obvious. Love between the two is mostly unorthodox but it is always there.

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