Carlee + Patrick February 10, 2017

Young Love

Young athletes who attended college in Las Vegas, New Mexico, Carlee and Patrick first met through a mutual friend in the spring. Carlee would remember Patrick as nice but just another football player and Partick would remember Carlee as pretty but just another softball player. The two talked but once the evening was over, they would go their separate ways.

Carlee and Patrick would later run into each other on campus, then finally start talking again when Carlee messaged Partick on Facebook. After a few weeks of getting to know each other better online, Patrick asked Carlee out on their very first date. Picture buttery popcorn, an action movie and an ice cold coke: the classic first date charm. Soon they would decide to be exclusive and now 3 1/2 years later, they're beginning the next chapter of their lives together.

The Proposal

Flashback to Mother's Day Weekend, 2015. Patrick's family was headed to Tahoe to enjoy some quality family time and invited Carlee who already felt like part of the family. They spent the weekend golfing, playing cards and hiking around the mountains. On the morning of the hike it was like any other day; the family cooked a huge breakfast and talked about plans for activities that afternoon. Familiar with the hike, Patrick's family were determined to find a rock ledge they had found a few years back with a spectacular view.

After about two miles of hiking the family decided to stop and take a break. While exploring the area, Patrick made a game out of throwing rocks at a nearby tree. Carlee decided to join in to pass the time and kept insisting that Patrick pass her good rocks, then she heard him say "Carlee, I have a better rock for you..." Carlee turned around to find Patrick kneeling with a ring. Carlee and Patrick instantly teared up and after a few sweet words Carlee said Yes! Looking forward to a long and happy future Carlee and Patrick spent the day surrounded by the ones they love and they couldn't have been happier to share in their special moment. The day was full of love, kisses and memories that would last a lifetime.

Vendor Love...

Venue: CAnyon Oaks Country Club

Photography: Ranalla Photo FiLms

Florist: carrie thengvall floral design

DJ: The Wedding DJ

Bakery: Upper Crust


Ranalla Photo Films

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