War of the roses

The war of the Roses was between the house of Lancaster and and the house of York

The symbol for the house of York was a red rose and the house of Lancaster was a white rose.

Henry VI became a king when he was at the age of one and when he was old enough to rule he was a terrible leader. he lost the hundreds year war also.

Edward IV defeated the Lancasterians and was crowned king on 1461. He had two kids who were murdered in the tower of London and put underneath the stares.f

I think that Richard III was guilty of killing Edward IV two sons so he could be crowned king next. He figured if they weren't there to take the throne then he would be the next one in line.

The battle of Bosworth is where Richard III died. So then Henry Tudor became king.

Henry Tudor married a daughter of someone that had rights to the throne thinking that he would also have rights to the Throne


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