MasterStory Experience: Find Your Purpose, Power, and Voice

1-Day MasterStory Experience Workshop With Richard Stone, TLG Chief Storyteller

Learn how to become the author of your story and ignite your future and business with the MasterStory Experience Workshop on Thursday, Dec. 10 at 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. EST. Richard Stone, TLG Chief Storyteller and nationally recognized leader in this field, will lead you through this highly interactive, one-day workshop. It is designed to take you on an inner journey of discovery and mastery to discern your deepest calling and envision how to activate your gifts and talents to create the story of the next chapters of your personal and professional life.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Boldly galvanize your imagination to create an exciting and rewarding professional future
  • Enliven every aspect of your professional career, every decision, and every relationship
  • Transform any difficulty into a story of possibility
  • Live with a greater purpose and focus

Who Should Attend?

Leaders and Managers Seeking a Greater Sense of Focus and Purpose in their Work

Whether you’re a business professional seeking to pinpoint or better communicate your purpose, or an HR professional responsible for identifying better approaches to developing your team, the MasterStory Experience will provide you and your team an extraordinary day of self-growth and professional development.

Organizational Benefits

Purposeful organizations experience: increased levels of employee engagement, have a stronger organizational commitment, display higher feelings of well-being, improved overall productivity, and growth in consumer loyalty and brand engagement.

Individual Benefits

Purposeful individuals live: longer and healthier lives, manage stress better, and exhibit a better recovery from negative or stressful events.