Exploring Technology By Ava izzi

During this semester in Technology, we were tasked with many different challenging activities to help us improve our technological skills. Things that we were assigned to do were build wind mills, construct towers, make "3D" figures out of 2D pieces of paper, build houses on SketchUp from the bottom up, design our own living rooms, the Billions In Change Project, design our own kitchens, draw sailboats out of a series to measuring instructions.

Our First project:

During the first few days of Technology class, we were assigned groups containing 4 people to build "3D" figures out of 2D pieces of paper. The hard part was that we were not allowed to come up with any shape we want. We were given a shape to make. This activity required lots of thought and hard work. Finally, after a strenuous 10 minutes (which felt like an hour) our group mastered the shape. This activity helped our thinking and comprehension skills grow.

Our Second Project:

Our second project was to make sailboats. For the assignment, we were living a sheet of instructions, a step by step procedure telling us to make a mystery picture. We were given rulers and sheets of graph paper to do this. Each step would give us a new line to draw, or two points to connect. The project took about one or two class periods, proving it was not something that you just rush so you finish first. The instructions were supposed to make up a sailboat.

(Our sailboats were more basic than this.)

Our Third Project:

Four our third project, we designed kitchens. We were allowed to roam free while doing this assignment. Meaning that we could decorate our kitchen in any way we wanted to. This project thought us designing skills, but not only those skills. It taught us to not take advantage of our freedom, and to always respect the teacher no matter what assignment we were given. We also designed our own living rooms.

Our Fourth Project:

For our fourth project we watched a video about the creator of Five Hour Energy, Manoj Bhargava. He found a unique way to generate electricity using stationary bikes. His invention powered many different items that only would work with electricity. Peddling the bike for only a few minutes started to power many different things. He took on this challenge to show that there is a way for people all around the world to have electricity in second and third world countries or developing countries like Haiti, Africa, and India. We learned about this amazing invention to teach us about problem solving and to inspire us to be just like Manoj Bhargava.

Our Fifth Project:

For our fourth project, we were told to build houses form the bottom up. That meant that we had to design our own doorways, windows, trim, pitched roofs and shape. And it was much harder than expected because all we had to do it was the tool menu and a "how to" video. We were basically on our own for this project, with only little help available. This assignment took up at least three class periods, which proves that it was a difficult project.

Our SixthProject:

For our fifth project, we made windmills. We used pieces of paper and wooden sticks to build the wind mill blades. We were allowed to add designs to the blades, which made the project a little more fun and interesting. for the real project we put our windmills to the test. We used a wide generator to see how much energy our windmill could produce.

Our Seventh Project:

For our sixth project, we constructed towers. These towers were made out of square wooden sticks and wood glue. To start off our project, we had to do a mini sketch on SketchUp, to explore different ideas. Then, we brought our digital ideas to life. After partnering up, we chose which sketch would make the sturdiest structure. And from there, we got our drawing approved. For the real building part of the project, we went into the wood shop area and started constructing the towers, This took about a good two weeks. This project taught us how to work efficiently with limited materials.

In conclusion, enrolling in technology class gave us not only knowledge of things like measuring, designing, and building structures, it made us better people.


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