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The soviet propaganda I selected is a translated from Russian to “With great labor we will fulfill the plan!”. The plan being communism. The Russians at the time were mostly in favor of the communist party. Stalin called for a collective nation that would work together to get a greater job accomplished. This way of life is foreign to us.Stalin had established a “personality cult”. He had lots of pictures of himself and painted an image that he was the father of all Russians. Some authors and artists would commit suicide rather than glorify stalin. These are examples of Social Realism.Stalin worked the education system into a self glorification system. He would amplify himself through demanding that history books would be re-written to over exaggerate his role in the 1917 Revolution. He exemplified that religion was the “Opium of the masses”, resulting in church leaders being arrested alongside with churches being shut down.Stalin’s reign over Russia in his communist environment was a major threshold in their history and influenced millions of people


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My poster reads, “Roses are red but so are commies. Don’t be fooled by appearances.”. This means that although roses are beautiful and red but beauty can be deceiving because communists also wear red. The purpose of this propaganda is to warn American citizens of the dangers communists pose, and to caution them from looking over their deceivingly good looks. It’s basically a way of saying everything is not what it seems. The image of a red rose is a visual representation of this, as you can see how beautiful red roses are which really solidifies this idea. My poster also highlights the intense fear of communism in the United States. For instance, Senator Mccarthy was the head member of the house committee on un-American Americans. Mccarthy was a strong advocate for anti communism, and held trials against 200 people in the department of state whom he suspected as communists.


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