The Florida Museum of Natural History By: Taliah Rodriguez

Nature on Display

Posing in the Butterfly Rainforest
A bright blue butterfly
A butterfly with an interesting pattern
A butterfly eating

The Butterfly Rain Forest exhibit caught my attention simply because of how beautiful it is. I think that butterflies are some of the most alluring creatures on Earth. I loved walking through the exhibit and being able to see the many different kinds of butterflies. All of their patterns were exquisite and unique in their own way. This exhibit helped me to realize just how many different kinds of butterflies there are. I had no idea that there were so many types and that they were all so different. I enjoyed this exhibit because I was able to relax and just enjoy looking at the beautiful creatures around me. I was also able to learn some facts about butterflies that I didn't know previously. One fact I learned was that butterflies are able to control their body temperatures by opening and closing their wings. This was one of my favorite exhibits at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Nature and Ethics

Posing with a frog
Two small, poisonous frogs
Posing with a frog display

The exhibit that helped me to appreciate the land and its creatures was the new frogs exhibit. Inside the exhibit, there are many posters explaining that amphibian species around the world are disappearing. These disappearances are due to habitat loss and disease. Habitat loss is something that we can control, as we often tear down the homes of other creatures to create new homes for ourselves. Seeing the frogs in this exhibit helped me to realize how important conservation efforts are. Frogs are harmless creatures that don't deserve to have their habitats taken away from them. There were many children in this exhibit when I visited, and they all looked at the frogs with wonder and excitement. We should be making more efforts to protect these creatures rather than allowing them to go extinct. Earth is home for all creatures, not just humans. Our society needs to prioritize conservation efforts so that frogs can live peacefully along with us.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Posing with the mouth of a Carcharodon megalodon
The mouths of many gigantic sharks
A re-imagination of the Carcharodon megalodon
A giant sloth called Eremotherium eomigrans

What helped me to realize the sheer majesty and mystery of the natural world was just how humongous these extinct animals were. The megalodon shark was up to 60 feet long and the sloth was 15 feet tall. It's so crazy to think that these enormous creatures have lived on the same planet that we have. These exhibits helped me to step out of my ordinary life because sharks and sloths aren't ordinarily that large. It was a cool experience being able to see what kind of creatures roamed the Earth millions of years ago. I felt small and insignificant compared to these majestic creatures. It helped to remind me that humans aren't Earth's only inhabitants; there are so many different creatures we share this world with.

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