Durable Goods Nikon Camera

Chosen camera: Nikon D5600

Brand: Nikon

Size and Colour: I haven't been able to find any information on size. As you can see from the images the camera is black

Key features: Photos can go straight from your camera to your phone with bluetooth, light weight camera makes it more portable, 24.2 megapixels, CMOS sensor, full HD video recording.

analysis of key factors that affected my choice

The key factor that affected my choice of the camera was the SnapBridge feature. I really like that when I take the photos they go to the SnapBridge app on my phone and all I need to download them into my photos is blue tooth and Wifi. The SnapBridge feature isn't found amongst brands of camera. Another reason why I chose it over the other options was its weight. I would most likely be taking the camera with me so it is great that its only 465grams and isn't heavy to carry around all day.

I also chose the Nikon D5600 from marketing. I received a brochure in the mail from JB HI-FI with multiple brands of cameras. I then looked through all the cameras and made the decision from that because its very easy to compare brands, quality and price.

Place of purchase:

I would purchase the Camera from Harvey Norman store or JB HI-FI store because I believe buying in store is safer then buying online. Buying it online would bring up many possibilities of scams or frauds which can result to money theft and credit details being stolen. In addition to this, return is easier because generally you have to pay for postage back if there is a problem with the camera. Another reason wouldn't purchase online is the danger of potential damage of the camera during postage, especially if the Camera is coming from overseas.

Alternative payments:

Payment 1: Cash.

Since I would be purchasing this product in-store paying in cash is very easy. However it does pose some risks; possibilities of being stolen or misplaced whilst shopping.

Payment 2: Credit Card

Whilst cash is a great option, not everyone has almost a thousand dollars in cash or even in their bank accounts. Using a credit card is much more convenient as well as being able to borrow money from the bank if you didn't have the amount in your account. Also if you made this purchase during the beginning their interest free period it would give them more time to get the money they needed. As easy this sounds there are some disadvantages to using a credit card. Debt is the biggest issue with using a credit card because if you don't have the money to pay back at the end of the interest free period, the next "interest free period" won't be interest free leaving you in more debt.

In conclusion, I will be making mine purchase with a Credit Card. It is easier to track the expenses during the interest free period, it is also good if I don't currently have enough money in my bank account.

Flowchart of resolving problem

Flow Chart created on lucidchart.com


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