Customer Care in the Sport Industry seminar four

In this weeks lecture we have identified specific Quality Systems Approaches within sport and recreation facilities and assessed the value of Quality Management Systems to sport and recreation facilities.

We have discussed how accredited approaches to Quality Management are highly important to the Public Sector and how all sport and recreation facilities within this sector are expected to work towards an Accredited Quality System.

QUEST is recommended by British Quality Foundation, and is endorsed and sponsored by The Sports Council, ILAM, ISRM, and other industry representatives. Quality Management Systems (QMS) defines industry standards and good practice, and encourages continuous development in a customer-focused management framework. In addition QMS improves customer satisfaction through high levels of retention and repeat business.

They are three parts to this weeks seminar task. In part one you are to you are to research quality management systems in the sport industry. You should split these down into accredited and non-accredited. Then discuss the key benefits and costs of working towards these QMS.

For part two you are to research one of the following Quality Management Models:

  • Quest
  • Investors in People

From this research you are to outline the key elements of the model, discuss how the model is used within the sports industry and what benefits could it bring to an organisation.

From your research on Quality Management Models and accredited and non-accredited systems you are to provide a 500 word discussion on the benefits of having both systems within an organisation. Think about why is there a need for non-accredited systems in individual centres.

Please submit your work through the turnitin link in week 4 of the module on your learnzone page.



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