Ancient Egypt 'Late Period' Coins Parshat Miketz

Before Egyptian's started using coins around 500 B.C., Egyptians used a system of value based on the weights of various metals, especially silver and copper. According to the British Museum, records from the 18th dynasty (1550-1295 B.C.) reveal that the metals themselves were not exchanged between people at that time even though they were used to determine value. Silver became such an important metal used as money that the Egyptian word for silver, “hedj,” eventually came to mean “money.”


First we carved our pictures and hyroglifics into modelling clay (we used a pencil to do this)

Then we used a glue gun and covered our carvings with glue.

After waiting for it to cool, we then carefully peeled the glue from the clay.

Salt dough
We baked the coins for about 40 mins turning them over half way.
We used metallic acrylic paints to cover the coins
British Museum - Obverse & Reverse Gold coin.

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