Good Life Tour of The Harn Saily Martinez

Medium Of the Art/ Technique

When viewing art not everyone see the same to many it might appear different or not be relevant at all to them. Some might find beauty in it while others might not. To me there were two striking photos that caught my attention and will like to share.

This artwork is by Cundo Bermúndez a cuban artist from 1914-2008. The artwork is called Reposo. To me he did a great work of gathering all the colors and being able to create this image. When i first looked at it I will admit I couldn't see the fact that it was a lady resting but the closer I looked the more I could.
This one to some might just seem like a bunch of lines drawn together but to me it looked really interesting and done on purpose to trick the eye into thinking it was moving.

Design of the Museum

Museum our purposely designed to catch the eye of the view. Each gallery in the Harn looked different . The design of the building is in fact part of the enjoyment. The wing that I enjoyed most was the meant to be shared which was a bunch of print from the past.

Not only was the wing filled with amazing prints the way that they set up the color and the wing was very enjoyable and upliftings.
As you can see it was painted a very bright peach color. But not only that this was also the only wing that included magnifying glasses to be able to get a closer look at the prints and better enjoy them. That to me was what added to the experience even more.

Art and Core Values

Art can sometimes speak to our core values. It can either speak to us through love, desire, loss, hate, fear and sorrow. While touring the museum, the was quite a few that did the one that hit most was desire. My desire to travel. I have always wanted to travel the world. I would like to study abroad in two semesters. IT is my dream. I hope that one day I will be able to accomplish that.

This artwork was the one that hit the most to my core values. Its called Tokyo Street With Panchinko Parlor II 1985 by Yvonne Jacquette. Tokyo is one of the cities I wish to visit one day soon. That among new York city were I wish to live there at a future date.
More artwork by Yvonne Jacquette

Women Before a Mirror (1915)

by Friedrich (Fritz) Capelari

Art and the Good Life.

Artwork can be used to express ones good life. It could be used to depict art, music, tradition, culture, work, hard-work, etc. Even the means to achieving ones good life. Artist can also use artwork to persuade us into believing similar things like them about injustices done in the world today or back in the day. WE can see them in political cartoons. Although those are used more as propaganda.

This is the collection of artwork that goes together the perfectly decrypts people living their good life.
In these artwork by Rafael Tufiño he depicts many different scenes of the good life. In them he is celebrating his cultural heritage and showing his roots and where he comes from. In the bottom right corner especially you can see the people living their good life by engaging in their culture. Dancing singing and having a blast at a celebration. While in the first ones you can see them hard at work to be able to later achieve their good life.
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