Whitkirk News! 6th November 2020

A message from Mrs Stout

We are so proud of everyone for mustering up a smile every morning and after school to help keep our school community positive and happy. This makes our school such a special and caring place to be! We have decided we need to make sure things are moving on in school with our ODD SOCKS day (see below), celebrating the attendance we have managed to achieve as well as the super books which have been shared in each class. We know that lockdown will not be easy so please do let us know if you are struggling—you might be surprised not only how much we understand but also how much we can help! And, if all else fails, try reading a good book like so many of our children are doing as they enjoy our class readers. Well done also to our stars, outstanding readers and dojo winners this week—as of next week we are going to have a shared celebration assembly for each key stage so the children can see others in different classes getting their certificates-hopefully, in 2021 we will be able to get our parents and carers back into school as well! Teachers will soon be busy making Parents’ Evening phone calls so make the most of this time to see how your child/children are doing in school. Finally, please rest assured we are going to make sure we have our Diwali and Christmas celebrations—they may look slightly different but we are going to make sure our traditions are not cancelled. Take care everyone—have a great weekend and see you on Monday!

Safety First!

The safety of our pupils is our utmost priority. Please can we ask that family members are parking respectfully to our neighbours and safely. When walking through school, please can parents/ carers ensure that they remain on the path when walking through school. Although traffic is minimal, cars are entering and exiting through the carpark during drop off and collection time.

Read, Write, Inc Parent/ Carer Meeting

Mrs Williams, our Phonics Leader, will be running a Read, Write, Inc Introduction Meeting for parents/ carers of children in Reception and KS1 on Thursday 12th November at 4.00pm-4.20pm. The meeting will be virtual and via Microsoft Teams. Invites will be sent out to your email address next week that letters are emailed to. If you would like to join but using a different email address, please let your child's class teacher know. We are so proud of how our pupils are learning to read so we hope that this meeting will help you to understand how we are teaching reading (you'll get to meet Fred!) so that you can support your child at home.

Pebbles Please!

Next week, we will be marking Remembrance Day in our classes and assemblies. As part of this, we are asking for pebbles. If you have any pebbles (the smoother the better!), please can these be passed to class teachers on Monday. Thank you for your continued support.

Anti-bullying week 2020

Children should wear full school uniform with a pair of odd socks!

Let's see what our classes have been up to this week:


We can't believe we are already beginning our second half term! To start off our new topic, 'Why does it get dark?' we brought in things from home that we would normally use at night time. Some of us brought in slippers, dressing gowns, teddies, story books and even our favourite blankets! We turned the lights off, had a starry night background, played lullaby sounds and listened to the story 'How to Catch a Star'. We were really excited to see our classroom had a makeover over the half term with lots of us enjoying playing in the campsite and space station. We have even been re-enacting what it would be like to be in a rocket and wondered how dark it would be in space.


In 1KD, we have had such a busy start to the new half-term! We have been learning about what babies need in order to survive in Science. In History, we looked at different objects from the past and tried to work out what they were. We have used part-whole models in Maths to represent number bonds to 10.

Year 3:

It has been so lovely to welcome back all the Year 3 children after half term! We started the week with classrooms full of cardboard, tin foil and cello tape to launch our brand new topic ‘What’s making it move?’ We had so much fun building our own Iron Man in the classroom to bring our whole class text to life! We have loved reading the book so far and can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Year 4:

This half term, Year 4 pupils are becoming Historians where we will delve into our topic – What impact did the Ancient Romans have on Britain? This week, the children have learnt about the invasion of the Romans on the Celts who lived in Britain thousands of years ago. To help them understand the meaning of the word ‘invasion’, we set up a re-enactment of this! The Romans versus the Celts! The children were fantastic at getting into role to help them understand the reasons behind the historical events. They wrote down many questions which, as Historians, they will begin to answer over the half term as we become experts in our topic. The children’s enthusiasm for the topic is absolutely brilliant to see! Year 4 pupils are most definitely Historians in the making!

Year 5:

Villains, warriors and epic weaponry-what's not to love about the Vikings? Year 5 have been loving Michael Morpurgo's retell of the oldest surviving classic -Beowulf. Grendel is currently giving us all the heebie jeebies (Miss Gill and Mrs Iqbal included!) as this murderous monster stalks the night. In the afternoon, we continued our learning by getting in to role. We had our very own Viking in the classroom as we created our very own Viking shield, which is very different to the Romans. Here is a snippet of our first week back...

Year 6:

What an incredible start to Autumn 2 for Year 6! They have been fascinated by their new topic: What was life really like during World War 2? As historians, they have taken every possible moment to ask question after question to learn more about the time period. Already, they have a plethora of facts about life in both Britain and Germany between1939-1945, and some people even thought earlier as they discussed the impact of WW1 on WW2. How mature! From this, they have been drawn into the incredible, and tragically short, life of Anne Frank. They have discovered all about the horrific persecution the Jewish people suffered and how this led to her eventual death. We cannot wait to keep learning more and more about this fascinating period of history!

Star of the Week

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We hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Keep safe!

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