Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) By: Ben Van Howe

What Is the (SNCC)?

Little Rock Central HS
  • The SNCC was and still is a fairly organized committee founded in 1960 devoted to organizing the protests of African American college students against segregation in the south. It's leaders involved Ella Jo Baker and John Lewis with Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. as their adviser.

(rac·ism) /ˈrāˌsizəm/

(seg·re·ga·tion) /ˌseɡrəˈɡāSH(ə)n/

  • When the SNCC first appeared, they managed to raise the bar way past the finish line. Their head leader John Lewis was the one to get the head start on the finish.

Who was John Lewis?

  • John Lewis was head chairman for the SNCC when he made the brave decision to leave his position to attend the American Baptist Theological Seminary in Nashville, Tennessee. While he was there he learned about all of the nonviolent protest and tried to help and organize sit-ins at segregated lunch counters.

Who was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?

  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most recognized African Americans in history for his brave stands against segregation and racism. Dr. King was a so called "role model" to many other African Americans because he stood up against what many people would argue to be one of the most dangerous topics out there today... Segregation and racism.

Civil Rights Movement

  • What was the Civil Rights Movement? The civil rights movement was a set argument against racial segregation, equal employment opportunities, equal housing and equal education.
  • The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) relates to the civil rights movement by being the main workers who organized all of the protests held against segregation and racism.

SNCC Meeting On MLK Day 2009


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