The "HACK"ed Art Classroom by Matt Laurance

Digital citizenship includes communicating responsibly.

"H" Highly Structured Lesson

  • Low Rigor
  • Replacement Acitivity
  • Teacher Directed
  • Multiple Exposures
  • Build Capacity
  • Build Management and Proceedures
Caravaggio is an excellent example of chiaroscuro value technique.

In the "H" lesson plan, a Kahoot! quiz replaces a review discussion. Please find the replacement activity referred to in "Assessments," and described in the "Closure" section of the following "H" Lesson Plan:

"A" Allowed Choices Lesson

Emaze is one of several platforms students can use to develop a digital portfolio of their artworks.

"C" Consistent Application

In the "C" art classroom, high expectations meet high student engagement.
In the following example of a "K" project, students interview a parent of guardian, asking for stories about an ancestor.

"C" and "K" Presentations

"C" Consistent Application and "K" Knowledge based components in Mr. Laurance's art classroom are presented.


Created with images by US Department of Education - "Duke_Ellington 93" • FirmBee - "office freelancer computer" • bradbrundage - "DSC_2256" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "NASA Visualization Explorer Now Available For All iOS Devices" • US Department of Education - "05152014- RFK School Student Art Exhibit opening" • jessaharris - "Mary Saleta or Salethia Burger" • US Department of Education - "Duke Ellington DNG 360"

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