Beatrice Brooks Period 7


Take advantage of the amazing activities that we have to offer!

Fast Facts on Egypt

  • Here in Egypt, we don't have any money, we just trade products instead of using money to buy products.
  • We also have a super advanced clothing system. Our clothes are sewn to fit!
  • Our land Egypt has a phenomenal writing system called hieroglyphics. It is based on pictures and symbols.
  • Plus, in case you get sick while you are here, we have really advanced medical doctors.

Delicious Delicacies

The food we have here in Egypt is very amazing. An everyday meal usually consists of a flavorful mix of fresh bread and onions. We have huge varieties of fruits and vegetables for people to choose from. A very common fruit that we have is grapes. Farmers use a good amount of our grapes making wine to sell. Here in Egypt, our food is outstanding.

This is a map of our glorious land.

King Tutankhamen

King Tutankhamen, or King Tut as we call him, is one of the best pharaohs that we have known to rule. King Tut was only nine years old when he started his reign. His father was the powerful King Akhenaten. King Tut has done many wonderful things, including giving power back to our priests. He has also made Egypt's capital city back into Thebes. King Tutankhamen is a truly honorable pharaoh.

Fashion in Egypt

The fashion we have in Egypt is useful in our daily life. Much of the clothes we wear are made of linen. Linen is light and flexible for long, hot days out in the fields. We also have a bounty of marvelous jewelry and amulets, some for spiritual protection and others just for their beauty. The kind of jewelry made is anklets, collars, bracelets, and earrings and they are made from shells and beads. In Egypt, we have lots of different kinds of fashion.


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