Olivia's Journey of Ancient China

Welcome to the Journey of Ancient China. I shall bring you through the gates of the ancient times to the beautiful land of China. Now let begin!

Did you know that The Great Wall of China was built to protect enemies from entering the other side?

The Emperor who ordered those people to build the Great Wall of China was to protect his own enemies from coming in and destroy the homes of many children. Soldiers used kites to give out a message inside the walls to inform the others. After war, the Terracotta Army was built for Emperor Qin Shi Huang's death of those who to protect in the emperor's afterlife.

The protectors of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the Terracotta Army.
Yin and Yang was a couple of China. Yin was the Phoenix while Yang was the Dragon. They hold the balance between opposites such as good and evil, young and old, and more.
People from the west said that dragons were evil and dangerous that destroy anything in it path. The east disagreed. Dragons were kind-hearted and will protect the home of china from dangerous disasters.
There is more than just a fire dragon, there are Earth, Wood, Metal, Water, and Yin-Yang.

Dragons are from all over the world. The Chinese believed that they are gods and control disasters such as bringing rain, striking lighting, growing crops, earthquakes, and more.

This model is a house that have roof layers.

Houses now are different from the ancient times of China. Sometimes in villages, roof tops were stone, weeds, grass, wood, and other types. But in the fancy version, if you were a emperor, roofs' corners and edges were more upper than a american house roof. Also, floors were wood and not carpets.

People celebrate dragon dances on Chinese News Year.
There are only 12 animals in the Zodiac table such as Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Rooster, Monkey, Tiger, Boar, Rabbit, Ox, and Rat.

We have pass so many places about Ancient China. I wanted to thank you all who have join on the journey of Ancient China. So I am going to drop you all off here and I am going back to the gates of China. Also, thank you for those who made these artifacts. Bye bye!

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