Good Life Performance The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt

My Spatial Experiences

As I first entered Constans' Theatre, I felt connected to the fine art of theatre. I knew that this play would use talented actors and actresses to convey an important and meaningful message to it's audience.I would like to say that my seat location in Constans Theatre was prime. I was located in the right side of the third row in the theatre. My location allowed me to see the actor's body movements and facial expressions very clearly. I felt at ease in my chair as I was close enough to the stage to easily hear the actor's eye-opening message. As the lights dimmed and the audience quieted, I felt excited for the upcoming play. I was very intrigued on how each actor was going to look and sound. The size of Constan's Theatre was definitely large. In fact, I was quite impressed with the size and upscale features of the auditorium that I expected superb acting as soon as I walked into the theatre. Constan's Theatre, in its magnificent beauty, contrasted with the opening scene stage props that consisted of multiple beds catering a family in poverty. Constan's Theatre served as the perfect place for this Good Life performance because the theatre itself represented an important theme in the play: social oppression versus privilege. Picture featured: "Constan's Theatre" (Foresight Construction Group).

My Social Experiences

To get ready for the performance, I made sure I was hydrated before because I knew no food or drink were allowed in the theatre. I also silenced my cell phone and put it away. I decided to attend the performance alone. I found my colleagues to be very respectful of the theatre rules. This made my experience of attending the performance with strangers to be a pleasant one. As we learn in the Good Life course, shared experiences can definitely be a good thing. Shared experiences allow you to hear other's ideas and opinions about the event. But on the other hand, as we learned from Siddhartha, one can also learn and experience things on their own. I feel attending this play alone allowed me to learn and discover the messages on my own. I for sure enjoyed the show.

My Cultural and Intellectual Experiences

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt takes place in Quebec City, in 1908. During this time period, social oppression in and outside the church, child labor, and moral and ethical challenges were prevalent. Before attending the performance, I did not know much about these issues. I was aware of situations where one would cover up their actions with lies to protect themselves. However, I was not familiar with extreme cases of deceit, such as a boss covering up poor working conditions to save the success of his industry. Seeing the play was an eye-opening experience. It was very interesting to see how one can blindly go along with social customs that are actually very harmful. Thankfully, we are able to witness a widowed factory worker and two priests defeat social mores with fearlessness. The power of theatre art allowed the audience to see the wrong in our everyday hurtful habits and traditional customs. Picture featured: "Dufferin Terrace and Chateau Frontenac” (McCord Museum).

My Emotional Experiences

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provided it's audience with a great opportunity for katharsis. At the beginning of the play, one can clearly see a setting and a cast that controversially addresses social norms, politics, and even aspects of religion. The play highly consisted of situations where the characters struggled with personal and ethical obligations. Instead of making the audience uncomfortable with these issues, the play stirred the audience to examine their own less noble qualities. Because this play revealed how the truth usually comes out and demonstrated each character having consequences because of deceit, it is a great example for katharsis. Katharsis, or the process of coming clean, helped the characters in The Divine to mend hurtful relationships and habits to become better people. I hope many others in the audience, like me, are now renewed with a sense of improvement and contentment. Picture featured: "Moral and Ethics Word Scramble" (Moore, Sean).
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