Key Influences on my Leadership Journey

For me, first and foremost, my father has played a huge influence on my leadership style in both a personal and professional context. My dad always led by example at home and was my first role model. As a result, when I think of leadership I often reflect on him and think of the traits he carried himself with and the manners by which he acted. Following this into my professional role as an educator, my dad has been in education his entire life and has been a school administrator for over 30 years. As a result, he has helped influence my role as a leader in my classroom. When I need advice I turn to him, when I am not sure how to handle a situation, he helps guide me. He has been a great resource and one I am sure I will continue to use as I continue in my leadership journey.

Sports have been another major factor in my life that has allowed me to both view leadership and act in a leadership capacity. Certain coaches and captains have been shinning examples of how leaders should act and how they can motivate and influence those around them in a positive fashion. Conversely, some coaches and captains have also shown me how negative a leader can be and the drastic impact this can have on the group of people around them. Finally, sports have allowed me to practice and refine my leadership skills. As a team captain I looked to previous captains I viewed as positive and successful and tried to mirror their actions and add my on personal style to them. As a coach now, I think that this has been a major influence on my leadership. Being able to read different types of players and understand what certain people need and what certain do not, what motivates some but turns off others, all continue to help me refine my leadership but as a person but also as a coach and teacher within my school.

Camp has been another pivotal factor for me within my leadership journey. Specifically acting as a camp counsellor at an overnight camp as well as many years running a hockey camp. It was being entrusted with and experiencing leadership in these situations that ultimately steered me towards my teaching career and helped me understand that this is something I love to do and would enjoy doing as an adult. These were my first real tastes of leadership on a large scale and were great practice grounds for me to both succeed and fail as a leader.

The next crucial influence on my leadership has been my role as a teacher. When I reflect back on my teaching and how I led my classroom in my first year of teaching and how I act and lead my classroom today there are many differences. I think that with each year of teaching, we refine our skills and learn a little more about how to effectively lead in our classrooms. I also know that fellow teachers have impacted me both guiding me in my teaching and helping me grow as a leader.

The last influence I chose to include is that of current and previous principals. My previous principal was an amazing person who was fair and kind to everyone, but lacked in effective leadership skills. As a result, major changes rarely were made and the status quo seemed to remain whether for better or for worse. He was a good example that being a great person, intelligent and kind to the entire staff does not equal leadership. Conversely, my current principal has been a great role model for me as a young teaching aspiring to one day be in a similar role. He has demonstrated by example and has really brought to light how dynamic, adaptable and ever-changing a leader needs to be.


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