Common Exhibit #5

List of Questions Used:

1. How old are you?

2. Are you a graduate student, a full time teacher, both?

3. What made you want to do teaching?

4. What made you decide to teach this subject (econ)?

5. Are you happy with being a teacher or would you rather do something else full time?

6. Are you content / happy at Clemson? Was this your first choice university or did you want to go somewhere else?

7. What would you say is the hardest part of teaching?

8. What advice would you give to your students and wish they would follow?

9. Were you always good at school?

10. What subject was the most difficult for you as a college student and why?

11. What superpower would you pick if you could have any superpower?

Insert Notes from interview


Overall, I had a pleasant time talking / interviewing my professor. I chose this professor because I felt the most comfortable with her and I knew that she would not mind being interviewed. Overall, I was very content and surprised by her responses. I did not expect her to go into much detail about her classes and her life. She opened up to me happily and answered all my questions readily.

From this conversation, I learned what she was like as a person, that she has a lot to juggle and carry on a daily basis, and that she really loves teaching more than I thought she did. I feel that after this interview, I was able to relate to her more and to not look up to her as a bigger and more imposing person, but just a student that loves teaching other students something she loves.

I also think that from this experience, I was able to not be so put off by teachers and helped me realize that they are human too and that they have their own reasons and passions for being at Clemson too. Lastly, I think the most important thing that I got out of this was that I feel more relaxed around this teacher and that I can easily go up to her to ask any questions I may have about class.


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