Enlightenment Thinker Project•John Locke By: Maddie McGrath

John Locke of England Lived during the time period of 1632-1704.

Summary of Ideas: John Locke was an influential person during the Enlightment period. He believe that everyone had the potential to be a better person and that people can learn from their mistakes. Locke also believe that people could take care of themselves and they could make the right decisions for the government.

Impact of Idea on Society: John Locke changed the way people thought about politics. He inspired a democracy for Europe because he wanted people to have power within the government. He believed that the people were smart enough to have power within the government, and people liked that idea. People liked the idea of having the freedom to believe in whatever they want to believe in, so they stuck with the ideas of John Locke. The people knew that he would make a good change within the government.

How this person's thoughts impacted/challenged traditional beliefs in society: Locke changed the way that everyone thought about their 'freedom.' Instead of following the old rules and ways of life of the World, he decided to take a different approach to make the people more powerful. He decided to use his knowledge and his observations of how people lived life to make a difference. He decided that if people made decisions for themselves, the world would be a better place, and sure enough, the citizens of Europe became a lot happier when they gained their freedom.

Quote of Wisdom: "As people are walking all the time, in the same spot, a path appears." -John Locke

Explanation of Quote: This quote means that when you keep discovering new parts of the world, people will eventually follow in your footsteps. This message shows me that I can choose to go a certain direction in my life, even if no one else has ever done what I seek to do.


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