It's All About Yo Yo Comm 317 semester project

Hi! My name is Ka Yiu Yo Yo Kwan. People usually call me Yoyo, and that is why there is a yo-yo in the introduction video. Yo-yo symbolizes me, who has traveled to many places, like the yo-yo in the video. I flew all the way from Hong Kong to the United States three years ago just to find some new excitements. I love everyone I met and everything happened here in the US, well, except the traffic. I would say the best decision I have ever made in my life is to study abroad in the US. Besides academic knowledge, I have gained a lot more than I expected.

capture of cinemagraph

The most important thing I gained here is to become independent. Since my family is not around, I have to do everything by myself. It was tough at first since I knew nothing about here. But now, I can handle most of the things by myself. The above picture is actually an animated GIF file created from Photoshop, unfortunately, it would not show on Adobe Spark. Please click the following button to see how this cinemagraph works.

(left) capture of cinemograph; (center) portrait of Gogo; (left) poster of my first assignment

His name is Gogo. He is a Labrador and he is now 1 year old. He was featured in my first assignment "Nightmare of the Labrador" which was created from Photoshop . Gogo is the first pet I keep here. He teaches me to be patient and responsible. I learned a lot from him when I bring him up. I love spending time with him. The pronunciation of "dog" in Chinese is "go". I named him Gogo because I feel familiar with the name. This name also rhymes with my name and makes me feel we are connected. Please click the button below to see the cinemograph.

Don't let things block your way!

The study abroad experience has broaden my horizon and knowledge. I learn from different cultures and understand my own culture. I see what we can improve in my culture from other cultures. Studying abroad is the best decision I have made in life. I strongly encourage students to study abroad because what they gain from there are precious! Don't let any factors to hinder the decision to study abroad or travel abroad. Please click the button to see the cinemograph.

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