Wo{man} By: stephie castellanos

Did you know that globally, 65 million girls do not go to school? Did you know that in many countries women are still not able to vote and make their own decisions? Well, this is all true. I believe, that this is a huge problem that needs to be solved. So that's why in this essay, I will examine the problems of gender inequality, what causes it and finally, the solutions to solve this problem.
There are many problems with women inequality that need to be solved. One of the biggest problems is that in many countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Africa, and Asia, women aren't allowed to make their own decisions. They don't have all the rights as men, for example they are not even allowed to drive. Another problem with women's inequality is that 62 million girls can't go to school all over the world, when we know education is super important. Lastly, the final problem is that 15 million girls don't have a choice and they get married under the ages of 18.
Gender inequality is such a big problem that it has a lot of causes. One of the causes is that people have different religions and beliefs, and they don't want to change them. That's why 52 countries have not guaranteed gender equality. Another reason is that people were raised with gender inequality, so when they grow up, they continue with the same idea. The last cause of gender inequality is that a long time ago patriarchal societies existed. So people continue with the traditions.
Some solutions to solve gender inequality we are teach kids, adults and even grownups to treat all people equally. Another solution is if you are a girl, you should stay in school, prepare and fight for your rights. Lastly girls need to be more independent and have security on themselves to make decisions and have an opinion. We should also follows the steps of organizations attempting to combat gender inequality, such as the National Organization For Women and The Association Of Woman Right Development.
In conclusion, gender inequality is a huge problem that can't be solved in a day. The roots of the problem are very deep and that's why we need to do somethings about them. That's why I ask you what would you, do to solve this huge problem? What are some solutions to solve this problem? If we all do small things to solve gender inequality there could be a huge improvement. Lastly, remember “Believe in yourselves and go for it.” -Emma Watson
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