Images from quarantine: time at home creates a change in routines By Eliza Barr '21

Quarantine has looked different for everyone. For my family, coronavirus has meant the repetition of shockingly similar days- what my sister and I have come to call "the simulation." Despite the sameness of every day, the past two months have given us time to get into our own routines. Through the past week, I've photographed images of my family during these routine quarantine days.

Already weeks into quarantine, haircuts are desperately needed. Here, my sister Simone hesitantly allows my mom, Jenny, to give her a trim. However my dad, Evan, prefers to wait the quarantine out rather than let us near his hair.
Before having to return home from Tufts University, Simone had recently started attending hot yoga classes. Though our guest bedrooms prove to be different from a yoga studio, businesses like Core Power have ramped up their video content. Many are seeing the health and distressing benefits of yoga to be especially useful during this time.
Dewey the Basset Hound observes Evan and Simone engaging in an arm wrestle. Despite the yoga, Simone has yet to beat Evan in a match.
Living in New York City, our grandparents have been a concern of ours. Luckily, technology like Facetime has allowed for us to stay in touch.
With four older siblings, Jenny is constantly Facetiming with family members. Here, my mom on a call with her niece Susie as she moves into her new apartment.
Dogs across America experience walking in light of their owners' boredom. Above, Dewey on his third walk of the day.
Wearing masks around has become to feel like second nature to Simone who thinks she'll have to wear one at all times with the reopening of schools..
With the weather getting warmer, the concept of quarantine begins to feel more cruel. It may not be the beach Simone is used to spending her summers at, but the patio has proved to be a good place to take a nap on.
Though unlike any trend I've seen before, sourdough bread making has surged. Luckily for my family, Jenny has mastered the process, with help from apps like 'Sourdough University.'
Above, the finished product. Jenny has begun leaving loaves of bread off for friends as neighbors to lighten their spirits.
No longer commuting into the city, Evan has found his working from home to actually be effective. He predicts that even post coronavirus, many will stick to the habit of working from home.

For the first time in our lives, we are hopeful we don't become too comfortable with our routines.