pennslyvania By Leslie Huerta

My state is Pennsylvania a fun fact about Pennsylvania is that the first baseball stadium was built in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania's state animal is the white-tailed deer. An interesting fact about the white-tailed deer is that the white-tailed deer is the smallest member of the "North American deer family".

Pennsylvania's state bird is the Ruffed Grouse. An interesting fact about the Ruffed Grouse is that "their life expectancy is average less than 1 year".

Pennsylvania's state flower is the Mountain Laurel. A interesting fact about the Mountain Laurel is that "Native american people fashioned spoons out of the bark of the Mountain Laurel, which they called "spoonwood".

Pennsylvania's state insect is Fireflies. A interesting fact about the firefly is that "scientist found another insect because of the fireflies".

Pennsylvania's state motto is virtue, liberty, and independence. An interesting fact about pennsylvania's state motto is that it "first appeared on the Pennsylvania's coat of arms in 1778".

Pennsylvania's state nickname is The Keystone state. Pennsylvania is the Keystone state because "Pennsylvania has held a key position in the economic, social, and political development of the United States".

Pennsylvania's state song is called Pennsylvania. An interesting fact about Pennsylvania's state song is that it is officially the song for all public purpose.

Pennsylvania's state tree is the Eastern Hemlock. An interesting fact about the Eastern Hemlock is that it can grow up to 100 feet tall.

Pennsylvania's state capitol is Harrisburg. An interesting fact about Pennsylvania's state capitol is that " Harrisburg can be conveniently divided into five districts for sighting purposes".

Two major cities in Pennsylvania are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. An interesting fact about Philadelphia is that Philadelphia had the first zoo in America. A interesting fact about Pittsburgh is that "the first ferris wheel was invented by a native pittsburgher George W. Ferris.

The type of land that Pennsylvania is is a flat land. Also it has rivers and lakes.

One landmark that I found in Pennsylvania is the Academy of music. A interesting fact about the Academy of music is that "this building is the oldest grand opera house in America".

One of the tourist attractions is Hersheypark."This park has won many awards including the IAAPA applause award".

Another tourist attraction is the Philadelphia museum of art. An interesting fact about the Philadelphia museum of art is that "In the early 1900's the museum published its first collection handbook and entitled an education program for the general public.

Another tourist attraction is the Pennsylvania state capitol. "The Pennsylvania state capitol proclaimed as one of the most beautiful in the nation".

One famous person in Pennsylvania is Ethel waters. An interesting fact about Ethel waters is that when she was seventeen she went to a costume party,some people at the party convinced her to sing.

Another famous person is Stephen foster. A interesting fact about Stephen foster is that he used to be a bookkeeper with a steamship company.

Another famous person in Pennsylvania is Arnold palmer. An interesting fact about Arnold palmer is that "He went to wake forest for golf but dropped out after the death of a friend.

One sport team that plays in Pennsylvania is the Philadelphia Eagles."The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the 13 teams to have never won a super bowl.

Another sports team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Pittsburgh Steelers were originally the Pittsburgh Pirates but now they changed the name to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

One college in Pennsylvania is the University of Pennsylvania. A tradition the University of Pennsylvania did is throw toast after a football game in their school.

Another College is the University of Pittsburgh. A interesting fact about the University of Pittsburgh is that it used to be called Western University of Pittsburgh until 1908.

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