South Carolina Anna schuette,Becka broe,Derek thompson

Some people say South Carolina is great....Really it's more than great it's Amazing. When it comes down to only the geography it's self you'll see the real beauty

Economy- In South Carolina the climate is perfect for cutting timber, raising cattle, and trading with the Native Americans. There are also Natural resources that are available like rich soils,minerals,and vast forest. In South Carolina some goods that someone could make and then trade are raw materials,soil,corn,rice,and other cash crops. To get money is 1663 In South Carolina there most popular way is slavery,farming,and trading.

Society- While the children of rich plantation owners benefited from a good education, those living in the back country may not have learned to read or write. Most people that lives here they were either learn English or African American. Kids in the Southern Colonies were taught at home, for the most part, by their parents or by private tutors. When these kids became teenager s, they would then go off to college or to Europe as there choice. As in the other colonies, Southern girls did not go to school.

Religion- People in New England went for church services to the meetinghouse, where they often for other things as well. The meetinghouse was a large building in the center of a town area and was used for town meetings as well as religious services. Most/everyone would go to church,they believed it was a all day thing.

Government- King Charles the second founded South Carolina,later on then gave it to the 8 nobles which were the important leaders of the colony. South Carolina's government has changed very much because first South Carolina was a singled government ruled. Later in 1712 there was a separate government established in the north. In 1719 the Crown purchased the South Carolina territory from the absent proprietors.

Fun Facts-In the southern colonies, children generally began their education at home. Because the distances between farms and plantations made community schools impossible. The climate in the southern colonies was the warmest of the three regions and boasted the longest growing season.

Internatinal relations- Some of the very important figures were Tuscarora and Yamasee tribes. Also here is a timeline of some of the important points in history.

Geography of colony-There is amazing Geography you can find in South Carolina. For example the natural resources and the weather is amazing how the climate contributed to the colony. In the summer they had perfect. cut timber, raised cattle, and traded with the Native Americans. the you can find here are rich soils,minerals,and vast forest. In south Carolina it is very rural. For people to make money there would be having slaves,farming,and trade. Here is a picture of South Carolina's colony.


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