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I would not risk my life to climb a mountain even though it is the tallest one in the world. One reason for this is the possibility of freezing to death. Because of the high altitude, the top of Mount Everest is very cold, there is snow and ice covering the whole thing, this also causes the risk of avalanches which recently sixteen sherpas died in one. Another reason I would not climb Mount Everest is the thin air. There is very little oxygen in the air so you are likely to make a mistake and fall. This lack of oxygen also causes diseases and death. Those are the reasons why I would not climb Mount Everest.

Globalization helps the world in many ways. One would be supplying jobs for people in other countries that can not make money. Even though they get payed less, the people get money that they would not be getting without it. Another example would be that there are many steps to moving products from place to place, so the people moving them also get payed. Unlike in a local business that does not have to send things overseas so the people that work on the boats don’t get money, or the shipment crate companies don't get money, only the person driving a delivery truck gets payed. Those are all examples of how globalization helps the world.

Bucket List


Question: What is the difference limited and unlimited forms of government?

The difference between limited and unlimited government is the amount of power the government leaders have when running the government. Limited government has checks that prevent governments from having unlimited or to much power. For example, in limited governments there usually is a constitution that explains the rules of the government and the rules usually will limit the leader’s power. In unlimited government, there is either no constitution or it is ignored, and the ruler can do whatever they want, even if it breaks the law. An example of limited government is the United States. The United States is a representative democracy so it has multiple leaders that limit the government's power. An example of unlimited government was Fujimori, the former president of Peru, who ignored the constitution and arrested other government officials, by doing this, he had unlimited power and could abuse people’s rights. In a dictatorship like Fujimori’s, there is no limit for what the leader can do. limited government has limits on what the government can do, while unlimited has no limits on what the government has the authority to do.

American and Italian flags.

What does it mean to be a good citizen: A citizen is someone that lives somewhere and is required to obey the law. When someone becomes a citizen they are given freedom for voting. A good citizen votes and thinks about their choice before doing so. It is the law to pay taxes when you are a citizen, it is also a responsibility to file them. Good citizens pay their taxes because they probably use government services like driving on roads, and going to a school. Some rights that people do not need to be a citizen for are freedom of speech and the right to petition. Good citizens respect others freedom of speech and are tolerant of them. Good citizens care for their country, their communities and the environment.

People carrying taxes to the post office, because they are good citizens that pay taxes.

Question: what are the centripetal forces that unite nations.

Within supranational government, there are often centripetal forces that unite nations. One example is that in the EU they unite and work together on problems they share like pollution. This happens because they need to stop pollution and they can only do it together. Another example of a centripetal force is the Euro, it allows trading in other countries without having to pay money to exchange for another currency. The Euro was created to help people with trading problems and unite the supranational government, (The E.U) under one currency. Those are all examples of centripetal forces that help unite the EU.

This is the 50 cent Euro

How do people adapt to living in a desert region. People adapt to the harsh desert region by wearing long clothing that cover their bodies. One example is the Tuareg, also known as the Blue Men of The Desert, where long blue loose robes. This is because long loose clothing protect people from sunburns while also keeping them cool. Also the Tuareg also where blue cloth masks that cover their faces. This is also so they don't get sunburnt. This shows that people in the Sahara adapt by wearing long loose clothing that covers their whole body.

Tuareg people

Question: How might having a valuable resource affect a region.

A valuable resource like crude oil in SW and Central Asia can have a good effect in this region. The oil can be sold for a lot of money and make the country wealthier. For example, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait sell their oil and are wealthy countries. They have high GDP’s and small populations. Also, selling oil can improve people's lives in multiple ways. For example, selling oil can improve health care. People in this region have a longer life expectancy and lower infant mortality rates since they made money selling oil. Also, employment in the oil industry has risen. This shows that having a valuable resource is helpful in making money and creating jobs for people that need them.

Oil and gold, valuable resources.


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