Pablo Blizzard

Blowing snow reduces visibility to a quarter of a mile or less tempiture below freezing winds faster than 45 mph snow amounts of 1 in or more per hour

Storms chasing vehicle satellites images which for wind patterns, cloud cover, and precipitation

Warm air has to rise over cold are winds polls cold air to the equator worm and cold air come together to form a front causing precipitation

Blizzards can shutdown a city loss power from heavy winds and snow causes proporty damage including roof cave in blizzards can be life threatening storms

1972 western Iran Feb3 to Feb 8 26 ft of snow according to the news 18 frozen bodies not one alive out of 100

Map showing the most blizzards form

March 11-14 1888 a blizzard struck parts of the mid Atlantic and New England winds at 60 mph reported up to 50 in of snow formed drifts up to 40 ft

5 things you prepare for yourself are

Snow shovels, rock salt melt the black ice, wood burning oven to make your house warm, Sand to get mprove traction, clothes to keep you warm

The scale that they use is nesis

Websites I used was,, and


Created with images by StockSnap - "city winter snow" • WikiImages - "new zealand south island satellite photo" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Cloud streets off eastern United States and Canada" • Joe Shlabotnik - "Blizzard Of The Century" • Anthony Quintano - "Blizzard 2013 (NEMO) Aftermath in Long Island, New York" • Hans - "hut blizzard snowflakes"

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