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This is our story

Young Vancouver Social is the premier destination for all your socializing needs in the lower mainland region. Created BY Millennials and Gen Z – FOR millennials and gen Z – YVS was the breakthrough that we socialites needed.

YVS started as a meetup group in wake of boredom and continues to impress us and grow as member generations come and go.

As leadership ages, they prepare younger leadership members to step in and take on greater responsibility to the membership, keeping perspectives fresh and creative to continue offering experiences relevant to the demograohic in question.

These are our platforms

This is our playground

In Vancouver, there is no telling what you could be doing next. There are so many opportunities here and so many people to meet. Vancouver will allow you to broaden your horizons and explore new possibilities with others that are more like you than you can imagine.

Open your mind to new possibilities, and prepare to launch your social activity life to new heights.

This... is YOUR Young Vancouver social!

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