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June was another busy month with work around the UK working with lots of different schools and at various events. One of my highlights was getting the chance to meet Sean Harford, National Director of Ofsted at the Frog Conference in London.

Working with Sean Harford at the Frog 'Mythbusting' Conference, London

This month sees most teachers from around the world starting their summer breaks. Some International schools have broken up already and I know teachers are looking forward to their break from school and taking the opportunity to travel to new places with family and friends. I wish everyone a very happy Summer break.

My thanks to everyone who checks out my work and reads my newsletter and my website. It is always great to hear back from you about how you're using my work in your schools and how the newsletter is being shared around your teams.

This month's newsletter features a book of the month, recommended app, featured blog post and a recommended teaching and learning resource.

I'm also very pleased to have a guest section in the newsletter created by the Student Digital Leaders of Bohunt School, Worthing sharing some of the amazing work that they've been doing this academic year in their school.

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A quote taken Simon Smith @smithsmm at the Frog Conference

Guest section from Digital Leaders at Bohunt School, Worthing

Bohunt School Worthing is a new school that opened its doors in 2015. From their inception they have been 121 iPads and are doing some really innovative things with edtech, things that would not be possible without technology. Here is a fantastic story from a group of students from Bohunt School Worthing who have set up the “Bohunt Times” in their own free time.

At Bohunt School Worthing we came up with an amazing idea of The Bohunt Times because we wanted to make a change around the school.

Our team consists of Louie Rowe (Presenter), Adam Scott (Project Manager), Louis Gregg (Editor), Oliver Chandler (Cameraman) and Aidan Williamson (Floor Manager)

So, what is The Bohunt Times?

The Bohunt Times is an e-newspaper produced daily by the Digital Leader Team and distributed prior to Afternoon Registration through the Google Classroom app. Staff send messages to the team to be distributed that afternoon to the entire student body. In addition to the notices from staff, we also include jokes, riddles, the weather and articles on current affairs. Louie Rowe also compiles a weekly technology issue titled ‘Connect.’ Themes we have written about include reviews of iOS, iPhone rumours, and a full run-down of Apple’s WWDC Event. The team launched the newspaper earlier this year and has almost completed 200 issues.

Following the success of The Bohunt Times, we decided to launch ‘The Bohunt Times: LIVE!’

‘The Bohunt Times: LIVE!' is an interactive video blog which is released every 3 weeks. Our aim with 'The Bohunt Times: LIVE' is to round up what has happened in the last three weeks at Bohunt Worthing. These include stories, events, notices, interviews with teachers and students and current affairs segments. We regularly use a Green Screen and use Final Cut Pro X to add different backgrounds behind the presenter Louie Rowe. We use smartphones as the camera and use lights in our state-of-the-art Drama Studio to ensure consistent and even lighting throughout shots.

We decided to produce 'The Bohunt Times: LIVE' because we want to bring the school community together and spread positivity amongst our peers. When we filmed, edited and produced the first episode of Season 1, we really enjoyed the experience. So far, we are 4 episodes in and have included items such as coverage from Bohunt Worthing’s first Open House Festival, our schools ERA activity week, interviews with the school council and more. You can view Episode 4 here:

The support from other students and staff around the school really helps to motivate us to provide better developed and more enjoyable content. We are so proud that our work has been noticed by Apple who are going to send in a representative from the education department to see what we do.

In the future, we hope to open this great experience to more Bohunt Worthing students by starting up a club where students can partake in these exciting opportunities. From magic tricks to aspiring weatherman, we want them all! We think that opening this opportunity to the wider school community would help benefit not only the students themselves but also entertain the whole of our community.

We are looking to continue to innovate and bring forward new ideas. In June 2018 we broadcasted our first live stream via YouTube, a cook-along to launch, promote and advertise the school’s Eating Week initiative which has had over 600 views, not bad for a school with only 500 students! You can view the cook-along here:

Want to know more? Ensure you follow us on Twitter @BohuntWorthing, subscribe to us on YouTube at or contact the school at info@bohuntworthing.com

Louie Rowe, Adam Scott, Louis Gregg, Oliver Chandley, Aidan Williamson.

When it comes to student behaviour, try catching them in not just catching them out!

Recommended app of the month

So a few weeks ago Apple launched their 'Schoolwork' app. The long desired app to help bring not just workflow for educators and students into one place but also to tie in links to other educational apps that work on iOS such as Geogebra, Nearpod, Kahoot and more.

It enables you to assign work linked to a specific app. You can link to any app which is on your teachers iPad and for those that are linked via Apple's 'Classkit' then there is even more connectivity where you can view things such as a learner's progress.

So what is the catch?

Well, it all depends upon how you have iPads set up in your school. As you might expect, it will require you to have your iPads linked up to Apple School Manager (ASM) and have the relevant links to your school information management system and have a mobile device management solution. It isn't as easy as just going to the App Store, downloading the app and away you go!

So what's the benefit?

Through its beautiful, clean interface, you will now be able to bring together all of the content you want into one place for ease of sharing with your learners. It is simple to use, easy to assign work and a great way to keep things running smoothly and digitally in your classroom. Initial reports from educators say that it works really well alongside the Classroom app too.

The app also enables you to track every individual student and their progress so better aid you as teacher to tailor their next steps in learning. This is great because here you know where your students are (in terms of their progress) rather than what they are doing (i.e. focussed on tasks). A fantastic way to help personalise learning for your students!

For more information on Schoolwork please visit the site via the link below.

Recommended teaching and learning resource

This month's recommended teaching and learning resource is Google's 'Tour Creator' available for you to access and create content, for free.

Many of you will have heard of and be likely to have used (or wanted to use) Google's Expeditions app. Well here, with their Tour Creator, you can create your own virtual tours. Fantastic!

What's more, with Tour Creator it is super easy to make. You can simply add image overlays, points of interest and it doesn't require you to download any apps in order to access a tour that you've created. Sharing is a simple process too via a link and tours you've created can easily be embedded into your website or blog or just be simply shared via your link to your favourite social network or to your learning management system.

Why is it a teaching and learning resource?

The ability to take learners to places that they may not have been to before and cannot due to limitations mean that tours such as the ones you can make are a fantastic learning resource. Using engaging tools such as these makes learning far more relevant, immersive and immediate for learners too.

Getting your learners involved in creating these tours too to showcase what they've been learning about whilst on a recent field trip is also a great way of demonstrating their learning and knowledge development. Talk about authenticity, the opportunity to share a tour you've made of somewhere that could be viewed and used by anybody to help them learn about somewhere you've been? Fan-tas-tic!

Recommended Reading

This month's recommended read I found to be a really great book. Written by Tom Rees and titled "Wholesome Leadership: The Heart, Head, Hands & Health of School Leaders", I would recommend it as a great read not just for leaders or even those aspiring to be a school leader. Wholesome Leadership is a helpful book for all educators.

Having a sound understanding of the job of leadership and looking for support and inspiration is important for all educators. Something I feel in hindsight that would have helped me better understand the role of a whole school and my relationship with my previous leadership teams much earlier in my career would have been a greater understanding of school leadership. This book not only helps with that but the strategies shared by linking them to your heart, head, hands and health are applicable almost as equally to teachers and middle leaders too.

Blog post of the month

The Best Edtech For Your Summer

With the summer approaching I thought it a great opportunity to share some ideas around things that can help you have an amazing summer. To that end I wrote this blog post...

It’s not long now until we break for our summer holidays and, like me, you might have all manner of activities and destinations lined up. Like many teachers, I’m sure that you’ll be wanting to spend a few weeks de-stressing and attending to the work/life balance issue you’ve been trying to address for the past three terms. A good place to start is to switch off a bit and so, whilst this post will be sharing some great things you can do to enjoy the best bits of being a teacher, I’ll also be sharing ideas about how you can switch off a bit from what can seem like relentless onslaught of pressures from work.


Thanks for reading this far. I hope you have found the newsletter useful.

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