Weekly Update May 14, 2020

Radical 5/13/20

"Hard Prayers" Wk 1: Search Me (Psalm 139:23-24, Jeremiah 17:9-10)

If most people are honest, prayer is something that can be challenging and hard to stick with and connect with deeply. Whether for this reason or others, we can try to make prayer easy. Keep it short & sweet, keep the conversation one-sided - and I don't mean us listening to God. I say this because I can relate, prayer hasn't always come easily for me at times. God desires more for us than this, and we have examples of prayer in scripture that give us a great blueprint for how to connect with God more genuinely in prayer. For our next Radical series we are taking a look at some of these prayers by exploring various "Hard Prayers" and being challenged to pray them ourselves. For our lesson last night we looked at the first prayer, "search me". This prayer is an invitation for God to search and know us but just as importantly for us to open ourselves to His instruction. We can be stuck in our own heads, our hearts deceiving us in what to think, believe, and act. When we invite God in, this allows for Him to work in us and reveal to us a better path. In praying, "God, search me", we open ourselves to new possibilities for Him to work and give us hope and healing in our lives that we are unable to find without Him. - Trent Moberly, Youth Pastor

  • Questions to Spark Discussion at Home:
  • How are your prayers typically? Safe & easy or honest & difficult?
  • Why does God desire for us to invite His searching even though He already knows our innermost thoughts? How is this important?
  • What could you do this week to put this prayer, "search me", into practice?
Hard Prayers, Week 1: Search Me
Radical on 5/13!


We have unfortunately had our 2020 Mission Trip called off. This is another unfortunate COVID-19 affected event, but we will look to other ways that we can gather and serve together locally!.We'll have more details on what that may look like as plans come together. I hope you received our email about it but if not, please contact Trent for more details!

What’s Coming Up for Radical

  • Everything is in flux right now, so please use the Radical Online Calendar for the latest updates if we have further events or gatherings cancelled or postponed. Thanks!
  • Outdoor Movie Night! 5/29 at 8:30pm in the Boohers' Backyard! We'll send out a vote to decide which movie to watch.
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  • Quarantine Survival Tips - Our adult leaders put together some fun & helpful tips for while you're stuck at home. Check our Facebook & Instagram to see these posted every Tuesday & Friday!
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