V for Vendetta by Ye Htut Aung

The magnum opus comic book of Alan Moore, adapted to film takes place in a distorted future where a Fascist government has taken control of England. A group under the name "Norse- fire" has become the central political power. Liberties are lost and corruption is everywhere.

the one making the speech is Adam Susan, the ruler/dictator of Britain

The "Norse-fire" party had come into power when bio- weapons had destroyed the Untied States and has left it in civil war. Another bio-weapon had also hit England during the wake of this conflict. Norse-fire used this opportunity to blame Muslim extremist, minorities or anyone else that opposed them for these atrocities when in fact it was actually them that used the weapon.

They implemented concentration camps which the general public was not quite aware about and placed homosexuals , Muslims and many more political opponents. The ideals and political actions of the fictional government in " V for Vendetta" stems mainly from the totalitarian rules of the likes such as Hitler or Mussolini in real life history.

The third reich

This is when v comes in

He was once a prisoner in the concentration camps created by " Norse- Fire" who managed to escape and topple the dictatorship with his own personal brand of Anarchism and a little bit of napalm and explosives. Throughout the film, V shows individuals in society how by letting these tyrants take power , the citizen is equally to blame. By not acting, by living in fear and saying well it's not us, it gives " Norse- Fire" more and more power. By feeding these monsters, eventually everyone will be engulfed with their growing hunger.

Much Suave

V serves to show how powerful ideas can be. Although a person may be brought down, an idea or symbol cannot. That is why he wears the Guy Fawkes. As individuals we cannot achieve much. That is why everyone must stand united so that we can fight back against large powerful organizations or governments that threaten to take away our liberties as citizens. This has even been seen with the Donald Trump elections, where large number of protestors opposed his Presidency. Recently there have also been objections for his travel bans and degrading of women as well.

Not a very welcoming sight for a new president

V himself had the idea for his revolt from the real life Gunpowder plot of 1605 where a man named Guy Fawkes and several accomplices tried to take the life of King James I of England. Guy Fawkes and others wanted a Catholic head of state while James was protestant and did not like Catholics very much. In the process of lighting the gun powder , he was caught red-handed under the basement where the king was holding parliament. That is why on the 5th of November , a majority of England celebrates the failed plan by lighting fireworks and having festivities. Most also burn effigies of Guy Fawkes as well. V, on the hand, uses the mask for protest and aspiration for change throughout the film. His main goal is to show the people of London what they are allowing and the liberties that had been taken from them.

There is a scene in the film where V has taken Evey, a girl whom he had saved from rape from corrupt policemen into his home " The Shadow Gallery" in order to protect her from Norse- Fire due to her parents being once outspoken activist against the government. They were killed when she was very young and consequently put her into an orphanage. In the film, there is an arc where Evy gets taken hostage by " Norse-fire". She is then subjugated to torture regarding information on V. Eventually, she become non- fearful of death and fear lost it's grip on her. Evey was eventually let go by her captors. To Evey's shock, it was V all along who did those things to her.

In V's home " The Rouge Gallery"

V carries her away into the rain to soothe her anger. She then truly becomes free from the fears and horrors put forth by the ruling fascist government, the rain metaphorically washing them all away. This was the moment when Evey was convinced she must strike back and get back the liberties of her once great nation for her and for everyone.

V and his famous "Guy Fawkes mask" serves as a symbol for everyone in the world to unite together and voice out their ideas and protests. Strength in numbers. The power has always been with the people and not institutions or the government. Through the comic and movie, Guy Fawkes masks are used to unite various voices together as one. Instances in real life where the masks have been used are seen in anti-government protestors in Thailand and the 2011 Wisconsin protests to recall elections of state senators.

  • Activist in Poland have also used the mask to oppose against the agreement of ACTA. ( Link here).
The most famous and recent use of the masks are by the members of the internet based hacker group known as Anonymous to protest against the Church of Scientology . The group also had around 100 members in Indian protesting about Indian's internet censorship.

In the end, V was a terrorist but he fighting for a greater cause than himself. He wanted to show everyone " Norse- Fire" can be beaten and that no one should live in fear of doing what is right. V is neither good or bad. He is want his country and people needs him to be. This is not to promote terrorism but to show how desperate situations can become and how eventually, if you keep kicking, the dog will bite back . We still would have protests and oppose corrupt groups or powers even if we didn't have the Guy Fawkes mask , but with it, it it gives a broad range of people from different parts of the world a movement to follow and an idea to lead them.

In the end, V died taking down the highest ranking members of " Norse- Fire" and blows up Parliament, thus giving a contrast to the Gun-powered act where Guy Fawkes did not succeed. As the Big- Ben crumbles, England is set free and is now ready to begin anew and the curtains draw a close for one of the most influential comic book characters of all time who inspired the minds of many in society to stand up for what you believe in. STARE AT THE MONSTER RIGHT BACK AND SAY I'M NOT AFRAID


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