The Hobbit English by Starla spencer

Most people enjoy a good story. They contain excitement, adventure, and other things a person might like in a story. For example, "The Hobbit" is a book about taking a risk and making an amazing adventure. Bilbo is a hobbit? A hobbit is a little people. About half of our height. They wear no shoes, mainly because their feet grow natural leathery soles and thick worm brown hair like the stuff on their heads (which is curly). They also have long clever brown fingers, good-natured faces, and laugh deep fruity laughs. Bilbo lives in a hobbit hole in a small hill. One day he is visited by a wizard named Gandalf. He visits Bilbo for a short time and while he is there, he leaves a mark on his door that attracts dwarves the next day. There are thirteen that visit him. The dwarves stay for a bit and have a good time having food and drinks and sing their own songs. Bilbo thinks that it was all a dream the next day but to his surprise, the dwarves are still there. They tell Bilbo that he is needed for a mission. they all go on an amazing adventure fighting trolls and goblins. Bilbo gets left behind when they get chased by goblins in a cave in a mountain. he gets hit on the head and is unconscious for three days. When he tries to find his way out, he runs into a creature named Gollum. Gollum tries to eat Bilbo as lunch but he buys time for making a game in which if he won, Gollum would have to show him the way out. But if Gollum won, then Bilbo would have to let Gollum eat him. The game was that they would puzzle each other with riddles and whoever was not able to answer, they lost. Bilbo won when he asked a question that he didn't mean to be a riddle. Gollum thought it was a riddle and started guessing. He had three chances or he would lose the game and would have to show Bilbo the way out. the question was "what do I have in my pocket?" Gollum guessed his hand, a knife, and a light. When he lost, Gollum went to get something from his home before he showed Bilbo the way out. He went to go get a magic ring that made him invisible to anyone so that when he came back to Bilbo, he wouldn't know where he was and he could eat him. He couldn't find it because that in fact was the thing in Bilbo's pocket. Bilbo was able to get away in time, through the goblin guards and out of the cave in the mountain back to his friends. they continued on there journey and went to fight Smog, a dragon with the treasure of one of the dwarves great-grandfather's treasure. at the beginning of this journey, Gandalf gave Bilbo a sword that lit up and would scare the goblins. Now he would have to use it to defend himself against Smog. he had an amazing battle for a hobbit and won the treasure that once belonged to the dwarves great-grandfather. when the journey was over, they all thanked Bilbo and went home. Bilbo was happy to be in his hobbit hole and live a peaceful life once again.

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