DOING-2019 is a forum which aims to support regional governments from Latin America in the development of their vision of innovation. Indeed, this vision is a key to promote new strategies that will improve regional and human capital development, social impact innovation models and ensure that the current governmental digital transformation is being the most effective. In the end, these elements all together will bring a sustainable benefit to the regional community, productive sector and government.

This forum offers the unique opportunity to the regional governments to increase their strategic and institutional network at the level of the European Union and European regional government.


Brussels, Belgium, Capital of the European Union

30 September - 3 October 2019


Why DOING-2019?

Latin America and the European Union have reinforced their relationship in the last years. In fact, cooperation agreements between both regions have increased or been renewed in order to extend collaboration in several areas as trade, education or research.

Changes in the political environment form Northern America have highlighted Latin America cannot only depend of one big partner. It should expand its international collaboration as that is the only way to generate new strategic alliances with an actual social and economic impact.

The European Union, with its 27 member states and around 500 million inhabitants, offers to Latin America a variety of experiences and possibilities at several levels: from the cooperation between nations to the establishment of relations between regions, municipalities or districts.

In that way, local governments have a great opportunity to collaborate with the European Union and its regions. That will allow them to implement its best practices in the regional development field and strengthen its own operation mechanisms. These practices will be reached through the development of international collaboration strategies for the regional impact and the establishment of innovation models based in the smart specialization. The final goal is to create an economic transformation boosted by innovation and which take as principal resource local assets and comparative advantages.

Who should attend?

DOING-2019 is a space for interaction and learning with experts in Trade Agreements, education, government, innovation and technology from the European Union and European regional governments. This forum is aimed at State, Municipal, Government, Regional and District Office Managers.

Some examples of the profiles that can benefit from participating in this forum are:

  • Mayors;
  • Regional Development State Minister;
  • Innovation Minister;
  • Managers of Liaison and Internationalization Offices.

It is also a unique opportunity for civil servants who wish to explore how other cities have implemented smart specialization methodologies, digital government and social impact innovation models with the purpose of establishing twinning links or international collaboration between regions.

What are the benefits that DOING-2019 has to offer?

DOING-2019 offers a unique opportunity to interact with European experts and professionals in government, industry, education and European institutions. This interaction allows participants to:

  • Expand their network of professional contacts in Europe;
  • Learn best practices to strengthen their regional development strategies;
  • Discover social impact innovation models to create new models for its own;
  • Modernize the decision-making process and public policies creation;
  • Deeply understand digital transformation challenges and strategies that could be implemented by local governments in this framework.

Who is organising it?

DOING-2019 is a forum organized by EUMex-Connect: Mexican Centre for European Collaboration which facilitates collaboration between Latin America, Europe and Asia in Education, Research, Innovation and Technology.

The main areas that EUMex-Connect work is centred around are:

  • Higher education in international environments,
  • Effective university-business collaboration to accelerate innovation,
  • Development of world-class human capital and talent management.

Additionally, EUMex-Connect provides advice to government institutions in states, regions and municipalities for regional development strategies, industry 4.0, Science 2.0, as well as attraction and retention of highly qualified talent.



  • TOPIC 1 : Trade and Industry
  • PANEL: “Keys to foster opportunities in trade with the European Union”
  • Presentation I: “SMEs and the Industry 4.0”
  • Presentation II: “Regional Cooperation with Europe”


  • TOPIC 2 : Digital Technologies and Governments
  • PANEL: “Digital Government and Innovation in public policies”
  • Presentation III: “Decentralization Services (blockchain) for public services”
  • Presentation IV: “Skills and competences development in digital technologies”
  • Presentation V: “Foresight: innovating the construction of a new long-term vision with actions and immediate results”


Visit of the European Parliament

  • Presentation VI: “Modernisation of the Higher Education in Europe”
  • Presentación VII: “The future of Research and new models of Innovation in Europe”

Gala Reception


  • Presentation VII: EUMex-Connect
  • Presentation XII: Cities’ Marketing
  • Presentation XIII: Talent Management


PRICE: 2,550 Euros (Price per person, tax not included)

For further questions, you can contact us through our social medias!

Optional Activities Day 5

Guided tours in English to discover the most important places of Belgium:

Discovering Belgian Beers (Brussels)

Learn more about chocolate and the praline (Brussels)

City Guided Tour Gent

City Guided Tour Bruges

For further information about the program, cost of optional tours and content, please, write us to


DOING 2019: All right reserved EUMex-Connect: "The Mexican Centre for European Collaboration in Education, Research and Technology". This event is organised in collaboration with different European institutions.

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