flame throwers world war i

the main idea of flamethrowers are too spread the fire by launching burning fuel. the earliest flamethrowers date as far back as the 5th century.

this is a flamethrower from world war I

The flamethrower, which brought terror to French and British soldiers when used by the German army in the early phases of the First World War in 1914 and 1915

soldiers fighting to save people

the purpose of the flame thrower was to attack other men that they are fighting against. they pull the trigger and the fire will blow at them and start them on fire. If they could not get super close to them they would use this weapon. it was successful.

flame thrower attacking people

The first flamethrower, in the modern sense, is credited to Richard Fiedler. He submitted evaluation models of his Flammenwerfer to the German Army in 1901. The word flamethrower is a loan translation of the German word Flammenwerfer, since the modern flamethrower was first invented in Germany.

richard fiedler is the one who created the flame thrower. he is in this picture.

in world war one there was a lot of other weapons used than just flamethrowers. such as barbered wire, machine guns, artillery, poison gas, air craft, tanks, airships.

this was one of the other weapons (machine gun)they used in world war one

Flamethrowers are no longer used by modern militaries. Because they aren't very effective weapons for the risk. Fire is a weapon that can easily spread. If the wind changes, the fire or smoke can harm allied troops.

flamethrowers are no longer used so we don't kill our troops if the wind changes or something happens.

The results were horrifying. Carried by specially trained assault teams, German flamethrowers were highly effective weapons that would either drive men from their defensive positions or simply incinerate them.

when they used flamethrowers they think what if the wind starts blowing around a lot, it might blow the fire back into us.

the topic has changed a lot because we no long use this weapon anymore.

no more flamethrowers....

This weapon flamethrowers is no longer used today for multiple reasons. During the war the Germans launched in excess of 650 flamethrower attacks. No numbers exist for British or French attacks.

the flamethrower was the deadliest weapon

The gas propels the liquid fuel out of the cylinder through a flexible pipe and then into the gun element of the flamethrower system. The gun consists of a small reservoir, a spring-loaded valve, and an ignition system. Depressing a trigger opens the valve, allowing pressurized flammable liquid to flow and pass over the igniter and out of the gun nozzle.

flamethrowers aren't that hard to work, just really deadly

Germany were the ones who used the flamethrowers.

this is the germany flag. (the troops who used flamethrowers)


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