equal rights movement 1954-1965

Marching from selma to montgomery in 1965

There were simpler ways to get to Montgomery. There were muddy campsites, 3,000 people were going to march but only 300 were allowed to. Everyone was singing freedom songs. The march was long after the real victory. But the northern whites had to stay at the Negros homes to see how they lived.

Edmond Pettus Bridge 1965
Show down in selma

In Sunday march 7th 1965 John Lewis walked across the edmond pettus bridge. There were about 600 marchers with him 200 police officers were waiting for them on the other side. The police beaten and shot tear gas at the protesters. The march was for equal voting rights.


The protesters marched from selma to montgomery for equal voting rights. And northern whites lived in blacks houses so they could see how they lived.


In the two articles one just mostly has quotes and one has facts. Also in showdown in selma it says that there were 600 people when only 300 were allowed. So I don't really get that part. Also less than 3% of Negros were registers to vote. last, the differences between the two articles are that one focuses more on john Lewis and on focuses more on mlk.

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