Travel Plan for Risky Rivers rafting on black cheremosh

Cheremosh is a river in the Ukrainian Carpathians, the largest tributary of the Prut. Length - 80 km (50 mi). Formed by the confluence of the White Cheremosh and Black Cheremosh near Usteriky village (Ivano-Frankivsk region). Flows on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi regions into the Prut near the village Nepolokivtsi (Chernivtsi region).

In the upper half Cheremosh is mountain-like river: within 33 km (20 mi) it flows in a narrow valley of Pokutsko-Bukovina Carpathians with steep banks covered with forests. Water bed is winding, 15 m (50 ft) wide. After reaching the Carpathian Foothills the river floats through a wide valley, has a low, flat, terraced banks and many distributaries, which change their places after every flood. Width (including islands and straits) - from 70 to 500 m (77-547 yards). In spring and early summer Cheremosh has rapid flooding from snow melting in the mountains. The water level may rise to 2 m (6.5 ft).


The team can book the flight directly to Ivano-Frankivsk, this town is situated near the starting point of shooting (no longer than 3 hours by car). Depending on time of arrival shooting crew can stay in Ivano-Frankivsk for a night in one of city hotels. There are a lot of options of hotels there with single or double twin rooms. Below you can see some options of hotels on Ivano-Frankivsk.

After the night in Ivano-Frankivsk at the morning the team will travel to starting point by car (about 2-3 hours).

The first day

Starting point - Black Cheremosh river (where the river Bistritsa flows into Black Cheremosh). 15 rm from Verhovyna. The contestants will pick up their boat directly on the starting point (where a small rafting base is situated). Then we will organize a quick trainee to contestants by local guide. They will be provided with inflatable baidara, sufficiently sustainable and maneuvered for these thresholds. Also it could be a catamaran, it is more sustainable and safe in case the level of the water will be higher.

The distance they will travel is 15 km (this distance may be changed on request). There are a few rapids up to 3 level of complexity. The most extreme rapids they will find on the first 8km of travel.

There are a few beautiful villages on it's way to final point. They can visit Krasnik village or Iltsi village.

The night the contestants and the team will spend in Verhovyna - the soulf of Carpathians. They can stay in a hotel or a special traditional looking guest house. Blow you can see some options.

The second day

We will start from the point Kryvoryvnya as there is a quite uninteresting part of the river from if we start the travel directly from Verhovyna. There is 5 km to the point Kryvoryvna and we can get there by the car. Today's distance is 18 km and it will take about 4 hours to get to the point Ustiereki. There are a few rapids 1-2 level of complexity. The class of the river is 2.

There is a few villages with churches a beautiful nature that heroes can visit.

The contestants will stay in Verhovyna for a night (30 km form ending point, will get there by car). We can arrange meeting with locals - lumberjacks, shepherds etc. They can tell the contestants different stories about life in Carpathians and teach them to do some stuff connected with their way of life.

The third day

We will start from the ending point of the 2-nd day - Ustiereki and travel to Roztoky point. The distance is 15 km, the trip will take up to 3-4 hours. There are up to 10 irregularly rapids on the way to ending point. On their way the heroes can stop to visit famous Bukovynsky waterfalls

Bukovina waterfalls – a landscape hydrological preserve in Putyla Raion. The waterfall is created by Smuhariv Brook, a right tributary of the Cheremosh River.

For the night the heroes can stay in Tyudiv (the bigger village, will travel there from the ending point by car.) or we can also stay in the hotel Kamyany ray near to the ending point.

Kamyany ray

The fourth day

The heroes and the team wake up early and travel by car to Khotyn castle to meet the sunrise there. The distance to Khotyn fortress is about 140 km and it will take preliminary 2,5 hour to get there.

Khotyn Fortress is a XIII-XVIII centuries fortress, located in Khotyn on the Dniester. Included in the list of historical and cultural monuments "Seven Wonders of Ukraine".

Khotyn Fortress originates from Khotyn fort, which was founded in the X century on the rocky promontory formed by the high right bank of the Dniester River valley and its tributaries. Its current look it has acquired in the 1340's: under the rule of Stephen the Great of Moldavia the fortress was greatly expanded. He also added five towers, raised the courtyard by 10 meters (33 ft) and dug deep cellars to store supplies. In XVIII century the south wall and South (Entrance) gate with wooden bridges were built by the Turks with the help of invited French engineers. They built a new castle around the old fortress, which was designed to accommodate 20 thousand troops, as well as a mosque with minaret. At that time, the fortress was one of the mightiest fortifications in Eastern Europe.

Today there is the State Historical-Architectural Reserve. Many films were shot here: Zahar Berkut, The Ballad of the Valiant Knight Ivanhoe, D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers, Black Arrow, The Arrows of Robin Hood, Taras Bulba and others. Below you can see

After visiting Khotyn fort we will go back to the point Roztoki. Today our herous will travel to Vyzhnytsa. The distance is - 15 km. It's about 3-4 hours rafting. There are a few rapids (up to 10) with 1-2 level of complexity. By the way they can see villages, waterfall Sykavka and Sokilska mountain.

For the night the heroes and the team can stay in Vyzhnytsa. This village was always famous with their art crafts - embroidery, carpets knitting, making pysanka. We can arrange the meeting with locals and they will help the heroes to know more about Ukrainian tradition arts. There is also a national park there.



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In early morning (depends on flight time) we arrange the trasfer to Ivano-Frankivsk airport and the foreign team fly back to Netherlands.

Preliminary travel option

This is extremely interesting project and we will be happy to work on it together!

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