Heavy Horses working with The shire horses at wimpole farm

Taking a view

Later this year the horse stalls and stables will undergo a big refurbishment and I've been making most of the opportunity to photograph the interior of the buildings as they are now.

Unlike the other photo stories in my Wimpole series, I haven't selected shots on the criteria of having popular appeal. Instead, I'm presenting a personal selection of photographs that to my eye, portray the special quality of light and atmosphere of the buildings.

Queenie in the stalls building

The stalls are full of patina, textures, subdued colour, and depth of tones. However, all this 'visual atmosphere' will be replaced with a shiny new interior which will be fit for purpose and comply with conservation best practice. It will never be the same again.

I feel fortunate to have this opportunity to record in pictures how it is now. And, when looking through these images you feel you are seeing an unvarnished and honest portrayal of the place and its people then I'll be content that I've achieved something.

Vanessa with a shedding blade that is used to remove lose hair from a horse
Mike and Vicki in the stalls
Vicki and Jacob
Mike cleaning Harry's hooves
Emma inspects an infected hoof
Vicki and George
Mike and Vicki
Vicki and Jacob
Emma about to treat Jasper's infected hoof
Mike using a shedding blade
Ian in the temporary winter stables in the Big Barn
George removing horse hair from a brush
The interior of the Hatchery Stables
Pat in the Hatchery Stables
Ian cleaning the horse brasses

Details of the horse brasses before being cleaned


Emma gives Jacob's 'feathers' a thorough clean
Emma prepares a saddle before a ride
Murphy fixes a gaze on something of interest
Not to be outdone by Murphy, George adopts a hundred yard stare


The photos you have just looked through are a small sample of many I've shot of the Shire horses and the team who care for them. Some of those other photographs will be used in the interpretation information that will be put up when the refurbishment work on the stalls building takes place.

If you have enjoyed the shots in this photo story it would be helpful to me if you could click on the 'Appreciation' button at the very bottom of this web page. Doing that provides me with a sense of how well the images have worked for everyone.

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Created By
Mike Hodgson


Photography by Mike Hodgson

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