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I can still rememberer the first day I went skating. I was hanging out with my friends, I had just started to get my Ollie down. We decided to go to second nature to hang out. At second nature they have a half pipe in the back of the store. We were just fooling around and my friend says "Stijn go down the half pipe" I told him no because I though I couldn't do it. He said " come on man skate or die". So I decided to try it, i was standing at the top of the Halfpipe I leaned forward and BOOM, one of my legs went on the floor while the other was on the skateboard forcing me straight on my face I was on the floor, ( me being stupid and not wearing a helmet ). My friends were laughing and then the skateboard came back down from the other side of the halfpipe and BOOM. Straight in the head.

Pita gyros

The best food ever, every time I go to Holland it's the first thing I eat.

De Indo

De Indo is an Indonesian restaurant were me and my whole family always go for Christmas and when we want to go out to a special dinner. The reason we go here is because my grandpa is Indonesian, and they food is just amazing. Whenever I go there We all get the buffet, there is a buffet with amazing variety of Indonesian dishes and we get up at least three times to get food because it's all you can eat.


Ever since I was a little kid I have loved drawing, I did it for fun. Now I do it for fun and it also calms me down. I put on some nice music and I could just draw all day. If I am every bored, il, just go up to my room and draw.


Music helps me calm down, just like drawing calms me down so does music. Whenever I listen to music it makes me think about my life.


Aapje was one of my first stuffed animals. It was a little grey monkey and if I didn't have it I couldn't sleep. I'd cry and cry and crying until my parents looked everywhere to find it.


I drew this as a Christmas present. It represent the relationship I have with that person. When we first met she called me tiger and this ended up becoming a sort of thing of us calling each other tiger. Now you might wonder why the other half is a wolf well it's because her favorite animal is a wolf. She always talks about wolf and how she's gonna grow up and not be a crazy cat lady but a wolf lady. So I drew a mix of half a tiger and half a wolf face.

This is 14

Being 14 can be challenging but it is very fun. For me it's a year when I try out new stuff, go to a new school and make new friends at high school. High school is a tear where you find yourself and what you really are interested in and you do something with that. But obviously puberty isn't the best stage of our life, pimples, voice cracks and just terrible mood swings. I feel like puberty and overcoming fear and school are the hardest things of being this age.

The move

A little while ago me and my family went on a vacation to Canada. We were having dinner and i asked, are we moving at the end of this year, because i don't want to start things i won't be able to continue or end. My dad told me " i don't know and i won't for a little while but i do know that you should live life by the moment and do what you want to do and not think about having to end it because maybe we will stay here." These words mean a lot to me and i have learned to love by the moment instead of always constantly about the future all the time.

It was about 4 and a half years ago. We were just doing our thing in our house in holland. I was just playing outside in the nice sunny weather, with my friends. My sister was at home playing with her toys in our small but cozy house. The houses on out street were connected to each other. If i were to knock on the left wall of my house i’d maybe even wake up the neighbors. My friend had a small dent in his wall next to his bed which he kept picking at until he could see through it into his neighbor's house. My mom called me inside early, i was wondering why. As i came inside out small cozy house my sister was sitting on the couch. I thought "oh no" we did something wrong, or maybe they have something important to say.

We were all in our small cozy living room when my dad said "okay, we have something to tell you guys". Me and my sister waiting for the news were quite anxious. My dad then said "the company i work at offered me a new job, which me and mom after discussing it have decided i will accept it. There is just one important thing, the job is in America so we will have to move there. My sister instantly started crying but i didn't, i was still computing the fact that i was leaving everything i had ever started behind. I then started pouring my eyes out, " BBBBUT DADD WWHAT ABOUT ALLLL OFFF OUR FFFRIENDS ANND OUT FAMMMILY. WHHHAT ABBOUT WWWOUUUTERRR (my best friend, we’d hang out everyday) !!!!!!!" I could barely speak because the tears were just streaming down.

It was the day of the move and i didn't shed a single tear, i had accepted it and i was excited. I adapted quickly to this giant country, i was not used to it but i ended up getting used to it. But qt first it was a huge difference, the state of New York is five times the size of Holland, thats pretty big. I came here and all the houses just looked so big, they weren't all connected they had big yard, a big front and back yard every house even had a garage, maybe the biggest chance was the fact that there were no biking paths. Holland was so small some people didn't even own a car. If they needed to go somewhere far they bike or walk to the train station and of they go. For birthday party's there was no 40 minute car rides, there are 60 minute bike rides to a pool, cinema, anything really.

Now the end of our fourth year here is coming. What was the plan at first to stay in this giant country where literally everything was bigger for only 2 years. Now it's our 4th year and the thought of us moving wherever keeps crossing my mind. My then i always remember that conversation with my dad. "Live life in the moment."

Author's note

I very much enjoyed writing these stories. They reminded me of what I had done when I was a little kid. All these stories are either traditions or deep thoughts. These remind me of those moments and I really liked to be brought back to my last. My childhood was fun yet sort of painful for example getting hit in the head with my skateboard, not sleeping because I didn't have my stuffed animal and even moving to the other side of the world.


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