Feudal Japan

Appreciation For Beauty

People in Japan really cared about their beauty carefully and with pride. The Heian society prides beauty, elegance, and fashion. It influences them to get more involved with beauty. You can discover beautiful things with this custom.


Japan had ties of royalty and obligation. Japan had many ways of telling their position in feudalism. Everybody had their own position of helping others in feudalism. This keeps everybody organized and satisfied in their position. They can keep track with other plans. There was probably no complaints which kept everybody happy.


This is the religion of respect of love and nature. They worshiped spirits , which are wind, lightning ,rivers, mountains, and waterfalls. If you touch certain things such as dirty things it can make unclean your religion. This helped develop more religions to other countries and could help make them more popular. Japanese were deep with this religion . This influences a lot of religions today.

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