My House By Dariusz Rydza


Size of house

Age of house

Source of the house



Rooms for house


Bathrooms in house

Parking for house

My job would be The detector of dining service of king of Prussia. This job would make me 60,000 dollars a year what I got on the paper. And I would like because I love working with food and love the feeling of people enjoying my food.

My mortgage was and would be approved because my income is $60,000 thousand dollars with a down payment of $9,000 thousand dollars and a credit score of 750 which will result in me getting a approved amount of $143,100 for my house.

The House I chose would cost $135,000 thousand dollars it would be located 734 N 64th st Philadelphia,Pa. It would have three bedrooms and one and a half bathroom. With a mortgage my house would cost 143,100 thousand dollars. It has a dining room, basement, dining kitchen, hot water, gas and heating. It has a size of 1580 sq ft.

My down payment would be $9,000 plus the property taxes:$143,title insurance $49,processing fee:$1,350 flood cert:$ application fee$150,and committee fee:$350,and appraisal:$500. It would result in 11,583 at closing amount paid.

To find my mortgage amount of $1,112 monthly I had to find out my property value which was 143,100,down payment which was $9,000,credit score which was 750,years of mortgage which i picked 30 years and mortgage rate which was 4.030%

With the mortgage monthly payment I have to pay of $1.112 and monthly income of $5,000 plus the percentage of monthly income of 4,49 I would afford it.

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