Nathalie Vermeiren Dancer-maker

"I naturally find ways of moving, through distorting movement, finding odd, yet sensitive placements of the body."



Nathalie Vermeiren (1996, Belgium) started dancing in Dansstudio Arabesque, Antwerp, Belgium. In 2015, she attended the professional training programme ‘Dances Start Up VI’ under artistic guidance of Brigel Gjoka and Mattia Gandini in Italy. She graduated as Dancer/maker at the ArtEZ, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Netherlands in 2020.

Nathalie developed a formidable urge for creating and research through her education, combining both her physical and photographical skills. In 2019 Nathalie and Danielle Huyghe found the collective 2Deform, translating concepts of alienation and isolation into physicality. In 2020 Nathalie starts a collaboration with Tanzfaktur, Cologne.

Photo by Daphne van de Velde


CALENDAR 2020-2021

  • 10th-28th of September: Residency Tanzfaktur, Cologne
  • 5th-11th of October: Dansstudio Arabesque, 2Deform
  • 18-21th of November: Dansmagazijn 't Werkhuys, 2Deform
  • March 2021: Residency Tanzfaktur, Cologne
  • July 2021: Residency Tanzfaktur, Cologne


  • 23th-25th of October: Interlude-Expo, Daphne van de Velde
  • 20th of November: Detached separation, Antwerp
  • March 2021: Alienated body, Cologne
  • July 2021: Alienated body, Cologne
  • spring 2021: smovetalk festival, Cologne


Research alienated Body

Alienated body shows the process of a body unable to form itself. Stuck in an indecisive form, unable to build up to the human structure we know. An empty shell, continuously distorting its image, twisted in its distortions and discomfort. Restless as this body tries to find its shape, left behind in a form it feels unfamiliar with and detached from. The work creates an entrance into a different angle to look at the human body and question how we perceive what we see.

From 2018 onwards I research the alienation of the human body, how I can deform and deconstruct the recognisable shape of a body into a moving substance, from which the spectator feels distant.

Factors such as emptiness within this body, meaning the absence of primary human characteristics such as expression, intention and consciousness, became important key points for finding the form of alienation I’m looking for. A form where the head and facial expressions are not visible, causing the spectator to only see a moving torso and limbs twisted in unnatural angles. An entangled body.

The body is used as a form which constantly moves, as an abstract graphic design image that is put to life, rather than a form to express and visualise a story.



2Deform was formed by Danielle Huyghe and Nathalie Vermeiren in 2019. Both Danielle and Nathalie function as dancer and maker within the collective. Their first creation was made in the summer of 2019 through different residencies in Belgium and the Netherlands, where in they researched and created upon the idea of alienation within a set structure of movements.

The interest for alienation is a key point of collaboration for the collective, as both members did an individual artistic research upon the topic, which results in a line of inspiration for their creations.

In September 2019 they created a close bond with De Studio, Rotterdam, creating the opportunity of various performances and rehearsal spaces.In October 2019 they started collaborating with Gerard Sangrà Navarro (ES) as their producer.Composer Max Kelm (DE) is foreseeing their creations of music and sound since august 2019.

"Together we form 2Deform"


'Detached separation shows how alienation can be a result of a repetitive, structured sequence of movements, inspired by the aggression and movement language of boxing. Slowly degrading into an isolation of the individual and his/hers’ surrounding, causing this individual to become a completely alienated body on stage.

“Two individuals isolated in their own aggression”

Photos by Daphne van de Velde





Nathalie is meanwhile developing her practice within photography.

"Constantly looking for the distortion and discomfort of the human body"




Created By
Nathalie Vermeiren


Daphne van de Velde Nathalie Vermeiren