2021 All-Northwest Excerpts The University of oregon faculty's guide to perfecting your auditions

The faculty at the University of Oregon would like to reach out to all of the young musicians to remind everyone that we are here for you! It may be difficult to stay motivated in today's unprecedented situation so we thought making music together would help. Whether All-Northwest 2021 takes place or not, this is a chance for us to work on music together to advance your skills. We have put together some videos to assist you in your preparations by not only demonstrating the excerpts, but also providing you with tips! We are all here to help so if you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Flute - Professor Jacqueline Cordova-Arrington

Oboe - Professor Melissa Peña

Clarinet - Professor Wonkak Kim

Low Clarinets - Graduate Student Richard Krishnan

Bassoon & Contrabassoon - Professor Steve Vacchi

Classical Saxophones - Professor Idit Shner, Graduate Student Jessica Dodge, & Guest Pat Posey

Wind Ensemble Etudes

Wind Symphony Etudes

Jazz Saxophones - Professor Idit Shner, Former Student Jonathan Corona, and Current Student Annie Saltee

Horn - Professor Lydia van Dreel

Euphonium - Graduate Students Darren Fujii and Leila Rasas

Tuba - Professor Michael Grose

Viola - Professor Arnaud Ghillebaert

Cello - Professor Steven Pologe

Bass - Professor Tyler Abbott

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