Does Instagram have an impact on the expectations of a woman’s body? The Digitalists

Week 1: Ideas


Possible arguments

  • Unrealistic expectations of women and teenagers from young ages
  • Men also have the same issue with idealistic expectations with bodily features being muscular and dominant
  • Can be seen in a positive light as people make a career from and social media has allowed this to happen

Evidence of resource

  • Show a video of song
  • Instagram: @Essena O’neil (page got removed)
  • Real life busy, why travel updates are necessary (

Why the topic is worthy of study

  • Affects peoples lifestyle to the point they can’t pay their rent
  • People want validation even from people they don’t know to prove that they are ‘beautiful’ or ‘pretty’ or accepted by society.
  • Offices are used as a digital space. Utilising mobile phones, laptops on the go.
Week 2: Research Methods

Does Instagram have an impact on the expectations of a woman’s body?

RQ: Research Question, C: Conclusion.
  • Primary Sources: Lecturers, Students and Women's Surveys
  • Secondary Sources: Relevant journals and educational articles
  • A Journalist Source: Articles from The Guardian
  • Artistic or Creative Source: Behind the art - Lizzie Carr (Oil on canvas artist) and Dove Campaign - Choose Beautiful
  • Legitimate source: A4 Paper Challenge

Possible Obstacles:

  • May not get enough evidence
  • Unreliable sources
  • Limited demographic
Week 3: Desktop Documentary
Week 4: Podcast

[Faith to insert podcast link on Soundcloud here]


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