A Digital Portfolio Of Rofiat Adeyemi A young mind at work

Rofiat Adeyemi

Hello. As you will see, majority of my work is done in Illustrator. Illustrator has been my easiest suit given the fact that I am still new to the whole graphic designs thing. Through it, I like to "illustrate" mostly cartoon type images that don't require neat/exact details. Making these images makes me feel netter about myself and makes me feel like a real creator. With my creations, you can can kind of tell that I take a lot of time and pride in the work that I do.

contacts: email- 20rofiat.adeyemi@edu.manorisd.net twitter- @r0yalb

9th grade student at Manor New Technology High School

"Adeyemi Coat Of Arms" Created in Illustrator. 2017. Coat of Arms: Adeyemi. Used to describe my last name. Each property carries as a symbol like the crown is used to represent the names meaning which is "I am worthy of the crown".
"Tetchy" Created in Illustrator. 2017. The exclamation point represents the tone of a tetchy person while capturing the face and feeling of a tetchy person.
"Stitch" Created in AD Free (Animation app). 2016. Stitch is taken over by evil but doesn't want to be taken over.
"Ignoble" Created in Illustrator. 2017. I'm extremely in love with the shadow I make for the dog.
"Mugger" Created in Illustrator. 2017. Inspired by a warm-up topic in Graphic Designs.
"Evolution" Created in Illustrator. 2017. View of evolution over time.
"Aerospace" Created in Illustrator. 2017. I really felt like this was a great way to capture the simplicity I feel when flying. plane rides just feel very calm and collected.
"The Boss Game" Created in Illustrator. 2017. Cards for my card game called "The Boss Game: A race to promotions".
"The Worm Of Life" Created in AD Free (Animation app). 2017. The worm is meant to represent life and the apple represents a person. The worm has taken over the apple and the apple can't do anything about it.
"Sunday" Created in Illustrator. 2017. This is a collection of symbols meant to play out a regular Sunday for me. This represents my sunday routine.

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